Sunday, December 23, 2007

Cupcakes for a Wedding lunch invitation

Was really thrilled to be invited to Santhi and Bernsy's wedding lunch. Thought of bringing a gift and hoping than a "DIY" present would be some how more special.

Asked the bride what was the theme and the reply was just wear anything I like... hmmm... finally I was told "pink canopy, red table cloths, red chairs; and bride wearing purple". Hence the purple flowers.

It's when two hearts join...

Congratulations SC and Bernsy, may you live happiliy ever after...

Oh... glam moment of the cupcakes...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Sticky Chocolate Blueberry Cheese Cupcake

This was an order from brother in law's boss for Christmas. 2 dozens of these with another 2 dozens of the vanilla cupcakes.

Sticky chocolate base

Top with cream cheese

Filled with blueberries

Baked cupcake

Adapted this recipe from a cake recipe and the outcome is actually good.

Monday, December 3, 2007

A Special Garden

I hope my "landscaping" skill is acceptable... Made some walnut chocolate chips cupcakes, covered with colourful butter icing. Transform them into a garden by adding piped icing flowers, added leaves (I love this nozzle) and my new found favorite - the "stones". Oh, managed to get the butterflies to give some "life" to the garden. Happy Birthday Farid!

See the "stones"? The ones in red, grey, green... They are actually chocolate. I think Diha was quite intrigued by them last night thinking they really look like real stones.

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Mini Cupcakes for Baby Shower

Was planning for a lazy weekend with loads of Facebooking... while I was on that, my best gal friend called, late Saturday evening, about dinner time, to ask if I would like to take a cupcake order. Well, I said, yes but I only bake during weekend and please tell me latest Friday so I can get whatever ingredients and packaging material I need for the order. She then told me she needed 2oo pieces and it's for Monday. Wow, the quantity was great, very glad that I could get some pocket money for the month, but 200 pieces? Didn't sound like realistic - only after which she said it's the minis she wanted.

Well, that sounded more possible. 200 pieces Large cupcakes order on late Saturday evening, not possible. Because the cupcakes can only be baked in the middle rack of the oven, and I cannot bake a few racks in one go, this is TeaRoom Home, and not TeaRoom Commercial, yet. So, to bake large cupcakes, each batch takes only 12 numbers, 25 minutes baking time. 200 pieces requires 333.33 minutes of baking time. So, not enough time. But the mini ones are ok, since each batch bakes 3 dozens.

By the time I finished with the baking, it was 1.30am. Cupcakes left to cool overnight for the icing the next day.

Individually hand decorated cupcakes in making.

The theme was baby blue and pink for the party (just found out that it's more like for full moon) hence the requested icing colours. Decoration request was jelly beans (which I don't really like but MasterChef gladly "food tasted" a few) and marshmallows. I went out to this kiosk at Jaya Jusco Cheras Selatan to get the decorations - great shop with all kinds of candies, very suitable for cake deco. Got multi-coloured jelly beans, and two types of marshmallows.

Heart shape marshmallow

Flower shape marshmallow

Marshmallow decorated cupcakes

Jelly beans decorated cupcakes

My kitchen full of cupcakes - a very cheery sight

Packing of cupcakes

Done! Packed and labelled

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sticky Chocolate Blueberry Cheesecake

Cheese + blueberry lover = the return of the sticky chocolate blueberry cheesecake.

The birthday boy had certainly made the cake look delicious, quite a perfect model if I need someone to advertise for my cakes. Aren't you convinced that the cake was delicious with this kind of face expressions? This also gives the "indulge in the cake but would not get fat" message. Mwah hahaha...

I remembering saying that the baking of the cake was not messy as described by the founder of this recipe, but apparently she meant the eating part being messy not the baking. Well, it was indeed quite messy since the centre of the cake was self-saucing type. Better to do this with plates and spoons - oppss... sorry, didn't think of organizing these. And of course the cake will be more "manageable" if it was straight out from the fridge. Nevertheless, since self-saucing chocolate puddings are normally being served immediately from the over, I find this the best arrangement for serving self-saucing chocolate dessert at places far from the oven.

I had a great time indulging myself in the scene of happy faces and contented look of savouring the cake. I think indulging my friends is the best way to indulge myself also.

Happy birthday darling, and here are the pictures of the hippo...

Monday, July 23, 2007

Rich Dark Chocolate Mousse

I needed something for my boss... Since I needed to bake the birthday cake, AND I really need to get on with Harry Potter (and I need to make this quick so I can go back to the book, I'm only at page 127, extremely behind everyone else), so, I decided the only thing I can manage would be the chocolate mousse which doesn't require baking.

In short, a very healthy (completely sugar free, except for those from the dark chocolate, and it's 70% dark chocolate, how much sugar can there be?) and high in "spirit" little indulgence.
Limited edition though...

Decorated with brandy cream and mint stick (which I need to replenish, all gone already.)


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