Sunday, February 28, 2010

Happy "Yuen Xiao" aka Chap Goh Meh

It's the last day of CNY... 15 days of celebration whooshed passed, or does time actually seem a little slow this Chinese New Year?

Here's a post on some mini cupcakes delivered during Chinese New Year. If you are reading this in year 2011, expect yet more new toppers and designs.

I've also gotten some non edible stuff this year... something which simply cannot be achieved by fondant or chocolate. Besides, these are fantastic items for time saving :).

Arranged into box of 36 pieces... here are some of the boxes. I actually like my later arrangements, but didn't have time to take pictures of those... Next year. :)

Have a great year of the Tiger. Hope you'll be seeing me more this coming year!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Nikonian's birthday

Seriously... I was planning to make a 3D camera cake but most unfortunately, there has been some unforseen personal matters which resulted in lack of time and mood.

Oppss... shouldn't have spoilt a post of happy event with such opening. :p

Here is the camera that I was planning to use as template. I know, very little cake to eat, but I wanted to make one and put them side by side to amuse myself (everyone else) on the similiarity (so ambitious! haha...). Next time.

So in view of the lacking of time, I only made the lens cover and a small part of the camera strap.

Ohh.. how come cemera related cake? Wai En is really pro in photography and he has a Nikonian Academy at Kota Damansara. Check them out!

Happy birthday YN! Hope you've had many great celebrations and I will target to make you a beyond photography cake the next round ;)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

A symbol of long healthy life

Bro in law ordered this for his dad's early birthday celebration. The design has been changed from mouse, hi-fi till... something more auspicious and "traditional" for birthdays.

A pair of longevity fruit "shao tou" and wordings requested by sis, the daughter in law.

For a overall more elaborated design, I've added bamboos onto the side of the cake. Also since I didn't get to put these on my CNY cakes, hee...

Those small little leaves took me almost one hour to stick! There must be about 50 to 80 pieces of leaves on these 10 sticks of bamboos.

Uncle said he loves the cake a lot, looks like TeaRoom will continue to be the cake designer for uncles birthdays to come. :)

Happy birthday again Uncle James.

Rum and raisins cake covered in butter sugar icing

Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Cherry Ripe Chocolate Cheese cake

The truffles went onto this cake... a chocolate cheese cake with black cherries and cherry ripes chocolate bars which sis had brought back from Australia earlier.

It was definitely going to be a chocolate cake for CS' birthday, just whether should it be one of the previously made ones, or a new cake. Asked birthday boy before that whether he wanted a chilled cake with limited choice of decorations, or a very decorative cake but has to be the normal chocolate moist cake.

So... a chilled cake was chosen. Hmm... no fondant decorations then and I think the choice would have to be non edible decorations or chocolates. Added some colourful candles in the middle because I've gotten lazy in making too much truffles and chocolate decorations :p.

And the candles made the cake look so much more cheerful, didn't they?

Birthday cake at the scene. See, very bright and joyous after they were lid.

Belated birthday celebration at Bavarian Bierhaus, The Curve.

Happy birthday CS! May all your dreams come true.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Dark chocolate truffle covered in icing sugar

Made some truffles mainly to for part of a birthday cake decoration... these were made with Lindt 70% eating dark chocolate, thickened cream and some brandy and Kahlua.
It was supposedly a brandy truffle recipe, but it's a bit sourish (also maybe I used salted butter instead of unsalted! I forgot!!)... so I added some sweeter Kahlua... even so, not much and the alchohol taste wasn't obvious (otherwise sis would have said something about it when she tried haha...)

These really look like the truffles in mud right? These were with cocoa powder

Didn't attempt the chocolate coated version because I wasn't making a lot of truffles and didn't want to melt overly much couverture chocolate just to coat a few... next time.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Tony's Valentine's gift

Almost forgotten about Valentine's, which is the same day as CNY. I wouldn't have made anything for Valentine's if it weren't for Tony, who ordered this set.

For his colleagues. So sweet :)

Chinese New Year Cupcakes

The set of medium cupcakes for Allyson - who'd planned to order since last year. Wow... time flies.

Thanks for ordering dear, hope you are having a great time in Penang and see you around. May the year of golden tiger brings you everything that you have been wishing for :).

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mini Chinese New Year cakes

This year, sis order 4 cakes as part of her CNY gifts to her (hubby's side) relatives. Sis wanted something cute but not mini cupcakes... so we decided that we'll make some mini butter cakes with butter sugar icing... Here are the 4 themes given by sis for her cakes...

Mandarin oranges with gold ingots

Fish... for "nian nian you yu"

A fondant fish made with Tan See Fong's chocolate mould

Another mandarin orange... hmm... should have place more butterflies

Finally this one, the mahjong and "money" theme... for the mahjong lovers :). The creative bunch who received this cake decided to buy "8778" or something like that - the number of gold coins, number on the dice and... I am also not sure. Lets wait for sis to explain :p

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Celebrating birthday the United way

CNY baking was really REALLY crazy! But there's this very important birthday which I cannot not bake a cake for. I wanted to make a 3D football originally, but I also know Jaah prefers the fresh cream cake more than a butter or chocolate cake... So since this is going to be a refrigerated cake, I had used these plastic "toys".

This logo was bought from one of the push-cart stalls in Sungai Wang, which I happened to be some weeks ago. I've put up a layer of baking paper at the back of this logo to have a layer between the cake and the sticker (this is actually a sticker).

I know, I know... the "field" is too small and I am not very sure if I've drawn the lines correctly. I had to send this cake off straight after it's decorated because my fridge has no space! Trust me, even the maid who received the cake commented that the box was so big, "besarnya box!".

Since there's no more space for the footballer to play in the field, they'd gone done to the lawn.

These toys were just so cute, I had so much fun arranging them (with some consultation from cousin) this blue one for instance, which I thought had fallen down, but cousin said he's trying to "steal" the football... really? Okay, anyways, okay or not this arrangement?

The goal keeper, like real. Haha...

I know the cake wasn't that tasty but I hope you'd enjoyed the fun!

Happy birthday Jaah! Hope you had a great celebration and hope United had won tonight, specially for your birthday ;)


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