Saturday, May 15, 2010

My Precious Princess

Nicky ordered this from me after being recommended by Swee (thanks!!!). The cake was for Nicky's colleague, their princess in the office ^^

The requested toppers were princess tiara and scepter on pillow. Instead of the usual tiara we see now a days for the Miss Universe, I thought of making one that looked like those worn by the princesses in the cartoon, especially like those in the classic cartoons.

So here it is :). This design was also sturdier in terms of structure so definitely won't break when lifted up from the cake during cake cutting.

Tiara and scepter on cake.

The scepter up-close.

A butterfly

The pink and white "diamonds" were not edible. I supposed was okay since this was for the adults.

The tiara surrounded with edible silver balls with added disco dust for the bling bling effect.

My camera was not able to capture the brilliance of the silver and glittery dusts. Too bad :(

The pillow is made of chocolate cake with milk chocolate filling.

Happy birthday Peter! Hope you've had a great time celebrating your birthday with lots of laughter.


Donna said...

A beautifully decorated cake! ^_^ I love it!

MisFyd said...

Hi! You've won an award! Please visit my blog to retrieve it =)


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