Thursday, October 14, 2010

101010 Wedding Anniversary

It was an auspicious day, 10th of October, year 2010 - 10.10.10. I've got 2 orders that specified this special date, one for birthday and another one for a wedding anniversary for Connie. Connie actually wanted a fully fondant covered cake, but I didn't have enough time since I got to know about her order late. Orders were really full last week (and very little for this week! Humph...) and I needed to allow more time preparing the figurines instead. So I offered Connie a semi-fondant covered cake.
The top was covered with fondant but the sides and cake board were not covered. This was a chocolate moist cake.
When we were brainstorming design ideas, we thought that human figurines will be the best for wedding anniversary, but I really, REALLY didn't have time to make a pair of human figurines so I suggested that I make her animal figurines... after some consideration, Connie said pigs, one of her favorite characters.

Good thing my fondant "wooden" fence was in time to harden :)
I know, I know... I forgot their tails!!

Hope you and your hubby liked the cake, Connie. Glad you have had a heart-warming anniversary celebration. ;)

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