Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ending the CNY celebration mood

Okay, the title of the blog post has nothing to do with the cake design :p. I have so many "back log" due to delay in posting up the cakes and I still have this CNY theme cake that I really must post :). So put the even older cake post on waiting list first :)

This was a cake ordered by Koe Gee as a CNY gift to her parents. So the snake (guy) and cow (lady) represents the zodiac of her mum and dad. The frames were there to mimic the parents glasses.

So here they are, surrounded with mandarin oranges (I still have some at home! Must make juice out of them... anyways.) and gold ingot (non edible).

Koe Gee also wanted a CNY greeting on "red paper" and due to space constraints, I suggested to have just one sentence.

So finally, CNY celebration is over, back to work and this is also the last of TeaRoom's CNY mood for this year. Till then, enjoy your work day and don't stop looking forward to the next long holiday :)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Birthday, CS!

I know, the time of this post is showing an earlier time but you didn't see this when you check inside here earlier on right? Okay, I was being ambitious this morning and wanted to post this early the day so that this post appears on the actual birthday of CS. But I got too busy and didn't manage to complete this posting. I am however keeping the time that this post was created. Haha...

February 10th and 11th are one of those busiest time in the year for me with two best friends' birthday. So here's one for CS whom I think is really suited for this iPhone 4 theme cake. If you were on my Facebook (personal or TeaRoom's) you would have seen the phone before the icon. I was really happy with the result and seriously, I nearly pressed on this sugar phone a few times thinking it was my phone! No joke :p

So here's the final result of the phone after I decided that the "original" one was not fun and cute enough. Actually, this might be heppening to your iPhone at night, all the icons will actually come alive and they go out to play. Look! YouTube has left the phone!! :)

Here are 2 of the pictures taken by a Pro at the restaurant where we had the birthday lunch ;)
Happy birthday, CS! May all your dreams come true. :)

I made this last year for CS's birthday.
Also last year another cake for a belated birthday gathering.
Birthday cake in 2009.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jaah!!!

For my best friend, best mentor and definitely a hard core MU fan!

This is a continuation of last year's cake. Since I gave up the 3D and went for the cake flavour last year, I decided to go for the design this year. ^^

I didn't have a round baking tin, this was sculptured from 2 normal round cakes, that explains why it's not perfectly round. The sculpturing was fine, however, the patching of the hexagons and pentagons really made me crazy! This is the result of 2nd round of patching. Had to take off after the first round and redo because the patterns won't join at all at certain places!! *sweat*

At least the grass were okay, right? :)

Happy 50th birthday, Jaah! (sorry, can't help it :p :p)
Have a good birthday celebration and may this cake brings you some "ong" for the future football games to come haha... XD

CNY cake 2011

Here are some cakes I prepared for CNY gifts... This one was for my neighbour.

And here is another one for my aunty Elvy, uncle James and cousins Alex and Maddy.

Bunny inspired by the TV channel ^^

Cute right? :)

Hope you are enjoying your CNY celebrations, a few more days to go. Happy Rabbit year to all! 兔年快乐!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Prosperity Cookies

Fondant decorated cookies

Individually packed

This packaging can fit 3 packed cookies


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