Sunday, January 31, 2010

Strawberries and White Chocolate

Wanted to do something with cheese, chocolate and berries as suggested by Juju. Made a white chocolate blueberry the last time so thought of experimenting one with strawberries. The verdict is strawberries are not suitable for baked cheesecakes. Perhaps if I really want to have a strawberry flavour baked cheesecake, I have to first make the strawberries into jam and swirl it in.

This cake was for Christine's and Yong's birthday... I thought the cake wasn't chilled enough, and the taste wasn't anything special. Anyhow, glad that two of the guys had their second servings. :)

But note to self - strawberries are not for baked cakes.

Frangipani, another flower lover

Another round of Frangipani :)

Zai, my new found customer, my agent, one of the key persons helping to enable something wonderful to happen ;), saw Fz's box of Frangipani and wanted something the same. Same flowers, same colour scheme, same wordings... for her husband's birthday. But if possible, I would like to have differences in every box which belongs to different recipient, so I made the "side" flowers slightly different and arranged the wordings differently too.

The lighting at where I took these pictures were bad... they look very erm... yellowish. Or was it my camera!?

Glad you've had a good celebration and very happy that you liked the cakes. :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Another game of Mahjong

Here's another set ordered by Kath for her late grandma.

Made another set of "tai sum yuen", 14 pieces of mahjong tiles that "games" with some chip coins and a pair of dice.

Chip coins of 3 sizes and colours

The sugar dice

Sunday, January 24, 2010


I've been in contact with Desiree since last year... she'd been wanting to order some cupcakes but since she's very far away - she lives in Bahau - there has been some logistic issues to consider.

Her son turns 1 year old this weekend and she had ordered a box of cupcakes for this special day. I was so excited because the cupcakes are going far again :). One of the toppers which Desiree had specifically asked was Snoopy. I told her I'll try my best as it's always difficult imitating famous characters.

At first I only made one Snoopy, along with TTB and the other characters, as advised by Desiree. Like she said, I think it will be nice to have the whole box as Snoopy theme the next time :).

Here's Snoopy's little friend Woodstock - supposed to be lah, it doesn't really look like that little birdy. Bro in law said this looks like a dinosaur. Humph...

Since "Woodstock" was a little small, I had it sat on some marshmallows. Couldn't' make the house because there was not much space on mini cupcakes, unless I make the house same size as Snoopy...

There they are, one Snoopy with big eyes, which made it not so Snoopy according to Shen. The other with "sepet" eyes which was closer. But cute what nonetheless, right? :p

So, I've got doggie added on to the TTB and friends range. Happy... :)

Happy Birthday Cheng Xun...

Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's my aunt's office birthday celebration time again... she wanted to order her favorite butter cake this time. Erm... there are actually 2 recipes - one with cheese (which is the gooey butter cake) and the other without. So it's the gooey cake.

But she also said she doesn't want icing... how like that? I told her why not I just blanket the cake with fondant, and finish off with some simple design so that they can just peel off the fondant and eat just the cake? Otherwise opt for scrapping off icing cream?

Aunt sent me a picture of a cake with coloured butter icing and cut out round shaped fondant pieces, with a bit ribbon in the middle. The birthday greeting tag on the cake board... something like that. But I've asked to change the design "slightly" :p

Here you go :)
Happy birthday to Bernise!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mini Chanel

My mini Chanel!!! Which I feel is just so cute :)

Kath asked about handbag cake and since we didn't need to go THAT extend in impressing and spending, I've suggested to Kath that we can have a miniature handbag, designer stuff in a smaller scale.

It was originally going to be an LV, but half way through the making I sent an SOS message to Kath requesting for it to be changed to a Chanel. I know now that it is not just impossible to do the imprints on this 3 inches bag, it is also almost a mission impossible (for me at least) to paint the monograms without templates.

Spent many hours doing this so naturally also spent a lot of SD card memory taking pictures :). So pardon me on the craziness of photo uploads in here.

The handbag was not to scale but meant to capture the gist of the handbag - quilted surface, logo and the gold chain strap...

Ohh no! Only recall now that I was planning to give the bag a pearl coating!! Too engrossed with sticking "pearls" until I forgot about it. :p Humphh... I would have been so much more impressive!

Okay... got the bag to sit on a layer of fondant "cloth" so that the bag can stand firm and not topple over.

The birthday message on a piece of sugarpaste "leather".

Did I repeat myself up there? :p

Monday, January 18, 2010

TTB in the undersea world

From Eric to his wife on her birthday.

Since Eric wanted a cake and also some cupcakes, but I kind of didn't have enough time for this order, we have settled with one same cake mix which were made into a small cake and 12 medium cupcakes.

Here are the decorations... when bro in law saw the making of the figurines, he said it looked like TTBs have gone into the undersea world. ;)

And the seafood... I mean sea creatures :)

Dolphins with the initials of daddy, mummy and son
Stingray, maybe I should make this green the next time

Baby whale, I know its "hands" are missing, but this looks kind of cute without the flippers. Logically, the flippers will be underwater even if it has it right? :p

Orange octopus which BO suggested that it should be in pink the next time. I shall ask the next customer about this colour choice. ;)


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