Monday, May 26, 2008

A Cupcake Birthday Message

The lady has a special message for her best friend...

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Brandy Finger

The original recipe called for Whisky and the name was supposed to be "Whisky Finger". But I don't have Whisky, only have Brandy at home, so improvised. According to the recipe, I was supposed to soak the sultanas/ raisins overnight, but I wanted to serve this as tonight's after dinner dessert, hence only managed to soak the raisins for 1 hour plus, so some of the raisins were not that plump yet. I've also reduced about 10ml of brandy just in case it's too strong, but after trying them, I think it's fine to have the full amount in.

My Auntie who's a fan of raisins of course love this cake. Everyone tried this and I thought there was a fair amount of liking towards this butter based cake and the brownies I made. Packed some for aunt to bring back because she said she couldn't fit anymore in her stomach but was really liking them. Kept one slice for mum, 4 slices for tasters and the rest were all gone.

This would be a good recipe to turn into a Rum and Raisins cake. Had just asked MC to pick up a bottle of rum for me at the duty free when she travels to/ back from Amsterdam.

Carrot Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting

I finally made the carrot cake... Was supposed to make it last weekend but I didn't have cream cheese. Okay, not that I couldn't buy, but I didn't buy because the price tag said "RM10.29" at the section where the 250gm Philadelphia Cream Cheese was displayed, and I was not at Cold Storage, I was at Econsave - Shouldn't the price be cheaper? The last time I bought a block of this cream cheese, it was RM8.99 thereabout. But I found out yesterday when I got my cream cheese at Giant, that the RM10.29 price is standard. Gosshhh... inflation!

One thing about carrot cake is, if the carrot are grated too coarsely, when you eat the cake, you will feel like you are chewing vegetables instead of eating cake.

It was a recipe with walnuts only, but I've added raisins and chocolate chips too. The carrot cake from San Francisco Coffee was only with raisins, I thought walnuts suit carrot cake very well. Chocolate chips is just random decision, in case I'm offering these cakes to any chocoholic.

The cuppies turn out nicely in their dome shapes.

But for this particular batch, it's actually better to have them raised evenly and not exceeding the height of the paper cups. Because...

Unless I trim the top (what a waste of cake!), otherwise, the icing will not fully cover the cake.

As oppose to this... see, the icing can be spread evenly.

Pipe out the "body" of the carrot, give it a bit of jagged effect...

When doing the leaves, give it a bit of pull outwards to achieve a more 3D effect.

Now, would you know what cake it is if I don't mention? (post note: View this blog for my latest carrot cupcake designs :))

It's Martin's birthday next week, so since we were going over to his place for dim sum, gave him his early birthday present. Happy birthday!

And another box for my sister's friends visiting Malaysia. Hope they like them.

Had one as my dessert just now after dinner.

The cake is very dense, you wouldn't really be able to "detect" the carrots, yet, it's the typical carrot cake taste. Would you try one for me?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Double Chocolate Walnut Cookies

My weekend bake.

And this is for my sis so that she can make her workstation a popular spot for "visitors".


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