Friday, August 27, 2010

Bunny in the garden

Wei Mei, my "long lost friend" of 10 years, had ordered this when she surprisingly found out that I am in this business. :) Actually quite many friends were surprised to find out, they never see this "side" of me, haha...

Her design idea was bunny rabbit, as this is her mum's Chinese zodiac, and she wanted a garden as well.

After some considerations, she has chosen something light, and also something of her mum's favorite - a cheesecake, the Very Strawberry cheesecake, except that instead of having the cake topped with strawberries, it was with something more decorative.

Happy birthday to Aunty!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Keeping Chuggington UP for Meagan

I think this was such a cheerful cake, with balloons inspired by UP.

Adeline ordered this for Meagan's 3rd birthday and the theme was Chuggington and balloons, like the cartoon UP. So everything is edible except for the balloons.

Adeline also ordered a box of cupcakes for the party, with 2 mini Chunggington trains, and another box for Meagan to bring to nursery with the beach theme.
For the party
For nursery

Happy Birthday Meagan! I heard you had a great time ;)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's a Superstar!

Okay, I know he doesn't really look who it says he is. I got a copy of his animated template, which was a caricature and this was a copycat of that. :)

There... isn't he cute? ;)

The cake was made into the mini stage with speakers and lighting.

Jen ordered this with specific request for the fondant cut-out wordings. Which was quite long so need to make use of all the space I can other than the cake since it was a small 6 inches cake.

Hope Nancy have had a great birthday celebration!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yes... I was tempted to name this post "Avatar". But many will associate it with Avatar Aang the last airbender :)

Riyo ordered this for the BodyBalance workshop... the Avatar aka blue people was added later as Riyo said one of the tracks uses song from the movie Avatar.

Some mats


Butterfly and flowers

Hope you've had a successful event!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unicorn in Rose Garden

Emily has gotten my contact from Jacqueline. She was organizing her 17th birthday party and wanted some cupcakes. I had to ask her what she wanted by asking her what she likes... that's how we brought together the items on this box.

A unicorn pony

Kickboxing gloves

Water bottle and towel

A pair of flat pumps

The LV "Judy". Emily has uploaded a picture of this mini LV and her real LV, that was really cool. Look for it in the TeaRoom FB page. :)

Fondant roses

and more roses

Red was Em's favorite colour

These were butter icing piped roses

Happy 17th Birthday Emily!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Celebrating with Pink Chanel

This was a last minute order during middle of last week. In fact, if I was still having my full time job, I wouldn't be able to take this order. Spent more than 10 hours on one same day to get this done for delivery.

I really wanted to do this because it was a very special lead and how can I resist a Chanel?! The request was butter cake and pink handbag.

So here it is, I will let the pictures do the talking (I took so many pictures, so I simply HAD to upload more than a just a few here!)

Ohh... I thought I would be really such a pity to be sticking candles onto the "handbag" so I added a cupcake (a real one) for the candles at the end. I didn't have time to get a bigger cake board for some other forms of motives to hold the candle. Next one hopefully :)


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