Sunday, August 8, 2010

My Sis and BIL's birthday surprise

At first, I wanted to have a birthday party for sis and bro in law (BIL)'s belated birthday, like last year, BBQ at home. But actually, it's really a lot of hassle and I'm not only referring to the preparation. Anyways... So I thought perhaps arrange for a meal.

But since we need to work around baby's time, the best was a lunch, but I didn't manage to get any of our common contacts to attend. Not that we have that many common friends. So at the end, it was just sis, BIL and I at Concorde KL for a buffet. Me picking at vegetables and egg items.

I actually already told sis that I am making her an LV bag :). But not the dainty ones which is not really sis' cup of tea. She had been using an LV sling bag for more than 5 years, and I recently got her a new one - no, not LV, cannot afford one. So I made her a LV cake instead.

This cake was a butter cake filled with strawberry jam and butter icing, the design was made using edible print images. Erm... some of you might have realized that I got the image upside down. Then again, I think some of the LV bags with the flap are arranged this way. Because that case if you look at the bag from the back, the images are actually on their right (correct) side.

Anyways, no one at the party commented. Ohh... the party was without me at the end. Sis organized a gathering with her old school mates, one of them mates from primary school which I happened to know who could actually help me with organizing a surprise. Actually both husband and wife, Henry and Sharon. Special thanks to them for organizing this surprise on my behalf! THANK YOU!

So the cake was passed to Sharon and Henry this morning before I went to they gym, oh I mean before they went to lunch :) and the rest was organized by them couple. It was a very successful surprise I heard.

And I got a bit of the story from sis. Glad they were pleasantly surprised and everyone enjoyed the cake. Except that they did not light the candles, probably didn't realize I've stuck the candles on 2 of the cupcakes because those candles were decorative ones which probably looked like one of the cupcake toppers. No... I didn't take a picture of them because I only remembered to put them on after I finished my photo shooting session.

The cupcakes were coffee pecan cupcakes with coffee butter icing, 24 large cupcakes - BIL is not a dessert person but he happens to like coffee cakes. (and some particular chocolate Swiss roll I think...)

Here's to another year full of happiness and success!
Happy belated birthday to Caroline and Alan!

Last year's birthday cake for Sis and BIL.

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