Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lee Min Ho Global Tour in Malaysia

I was really excited when the organizer agreed to host a cake from me at Lee Min Ho's press conference!!! This is going to be a crazy post overloaded with pictures. 

 The press conference cake was a huge 17" x 6" x 12" suitcase cake to represent the global world tour travelling. There are "luggage labels" on the suitcase with different country names, and of course the My Everything logo. There as a camera cake because it was a press conference, beside the camera were some edible photographs of Minho.
A stack of "CDs", Lee Min Ho's fist special album, My Everything. The stack of albums was cake, the single piece of album on the top was made of rice cereal treat.
 Didn't have a copy of the album, and didn't have information of the size, so this was really a guess, really couldn't put details on the yellow strip because cannot read the words from the pictures on the web.
 During WIP of the customized lens, with the usual edible sugar crystal.


Lastly, just to ensure that Min Ho stayed cool and macho during cake cutting, I have included this message and the cut line so that he could accurately avoid cutting onto the supporting dowel rods and card board layers that were supporting this big cake.
A couple hundreds of customized cupcakes as door gift for the event too. Proud of them cakes to be at the a Lee Min Ho event! ^^
Still haven't gotten any pictures from the organizer at the time of composing this post. Hopefully the next time you read this again, there will be more pictures here.

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