Thursday, November 24, 2011

Fashion Designer Mum

Something new for my profile, yay!
This was for Zeen's mum, though I wished I had a little more time for the sewing machine to stand "firmer" but I think all turned out quite well.
This is a sugar sewing machine with yummy patch work blanket in the making
Needle and thread made of sugar as well

Sugar buttons
These were, erm... what you call them? Like the chalk thingy you use to mark the material
Rolls of threads

This was that thing you use to remove thread (geezz... my vocabulary is bad!) along with some buttons
Tried to "pin" a purple fabric around the cake and maybe sew it to the cake :)
Measuring tape
Hope you have had fun going through these pictures! ^^

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Strong because of Love~ said...

that's truly amazing work! :)


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