Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The World Cup Fever!

I thought I would never make anything related to the WC 2010 until Mavis ordered this for her husband's surprise birthday do. I am not a football fan so had to get consultation from Azhar on what does one put on a box of cupcakes for the world cup :)

Zakumi the mascot, who is a leopard

"Jabulani" the official WC ball by Adidas

The trophy... I was imagining a cup, but found something that look like this on google. Consultant described it as a globe in a swirl of gold

The vuvuzela, it's a horn which is famous during this game. For more details on why so, google it :)

A RANDOM jersey. So is the number 7 red jersey below, totally random ^^

Here's the full box, from wife to husband.
Happy birthday Alex!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Princess Alisha's Birthday

Shen ordered this together with another chocolate cake... This one was for her 5 year old princess' birthday.

The princess, which was still too over sized for the cupcake since this was just medium cupcake. But I did not have time to make another one after this was done :p

I heard the princess has toppled over in the box when she reached the party!! Oppss... The next figurine... will definitely have to be the right size! :)

Alright, here are the different views of the princess.


Little handbag


Handkerchief/ scarf


Birthday message

Happy 5th birthday Alisha! Aunty Bel saw a lot of yummy food pictures in your mommy's FB. Bet you've had a great celebration. ;)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Fashion Pack

Jaz ordered this a week after her first order for her mum. This box was for a girl friend and here are the items requested.

The high heel sandals, which I hope their heels are tall enough ^^

Handbag... trying to make one that looked like a branded handbag :)

Gold necklace and ear studs. Okay, I don't suppose you will know if without this caption...

Credit card for unlimited purchases. How I wish too :D


Compact powder

eyebrow pencil


Got carried away with taking pictures, hence...

The full box view

Happy birthday Debbie! Hope you've had a thrilling birthday and great celebration.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Pororo on Winter Wonderland

Clare has booked her date 2 months before Yao yao's birthday. As usual, mummy always plans ahead and books date in advance. The theme was given to me early so that I can think about the design. Since we require "snow" effect to suit the theme, we had decided that it should be a winter wonderland concept.

I'd spent a few days in advance making the figurines so that they are dry and hard enough to last on the moist and chilled cake.

Pororo the little blue penguin

Loopy the beaver

Eddy the little red fox

Crong a little green dinosaur

Poby the polar bear

Pororo and friends

Here are the "toys" on the cake...

Pine trees surrounding the glace icing lake

Birthday message in the Pororo blue

Here is the cake, a peach fresh cream cake covered in snowy white fresh cream to create the winter wonderland (yeah, if there were more space I'd probably made the slides etc ^^)
Happy 3rd birthday to cutie pie Yao Yao!

Note: I cannot deliver you this cake unless we are able to arrange a delivery very close to your party time. Otherwise the figurines will be sweating too much and might start to lose their feet or something. :p


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