Monday, June 21, 2010

Pororo on Winter Wonderland

Clare has booked her date 2 months before Yao yao's birthday. As usual, mummy always plans ahead and books date in advance. The theme was given to me early so that I can think about the design. Since we require "snow" effect to suit the theme, we had decided that it should be a winter wonderland concept.

I'd spent a few days in advance making the figurines so that they are dry and hard enough to last on the moist and chilled cake.

Pororo the little blue penguin

Loopy the beaver

Eddy the little red fox

Crong a little green dinosaur

Poby the polar bear

Pororo and friends

Here are the "toys" on the cake...

Pine trees surrounding the glace icing lake

Birthday message in the Pororo blue

Here is the cake, a peach fresh cream cake covered in snowy white fresh cream to create the winter wonderland (yeah, if there were more space I'd probably made the slides etc ^^)
Happy 3rd birthday to cutie pie Yao Yao!

Note: I cannot deliver you this cake unless we are able to arrange a delivery very close to your party time. Otherwise the figurines will be sweating too much and might start to lose their feet or something. :p


gymaddict said...

omg...too cute!

Bel Jee said...

TQ TQ you made my day ^^


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