Friday, June 18, 2010

Mom on Cupcakes

Jasmine got my contact from Jojo (Thanks Jojo!) and wanted a special themed cake or cupcakes for her mum's birthday. After I lead Jaz onto the one I made for Jacqueline previously, Jaz decided on cupcakes with the toppers she picked.

Black handbag

Magnum - number was given to me ^^

Wok and "charn"

TV set

Massage chair

Here's the figurine of Jaz mum. Not sure if my figurine gave the feeling of the real person or not but I had asked Jaz to specify her mom's favorite attire, her usual hairstyle, favorite shoes etc so at least there are some features to relate to :)

Supposed to be Crocs slippers, but I couldn't manage to brand the tiny slippers.

Since I spent the whole day making this, I must feature more pictures of it right? Haha...

Here's mom on cupcake

Here's the whole set. Hope the birthday celebration had been a great one!

Ps. This figurine is a bit too big for medium size cupcakes, it will have to be sized down slightly the next time.

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