Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The World Cup Fever!

I thought I would never make anything related to the WC 2010 until Mavis ordered this for her husband's surprise birthday do. I am not a football fan so had to get consultation from Azhar on what does one put on a box of cupcakes for the world cup :)

Zakumi the mascot, who is a leopard

"Jabulani" the official WC ball by Adidas

The trophy... I was imagining a cup, but found something that look like this on google. Consultant described it as a globe in a swirl of gold

The vuvuzela, it's a horn which is famous during this game. For more details on why so, google it :)

A RANDOM jersey. So is the number 7 red jersey below, totally random ^^

Here's the full box, from wife to husband.
Happy birthday Alex!

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Anonymous said...

OK, I luv the miniature worldcup. so cute~! good job dear~


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