Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Little Einsteins

Here's another lead from Clare, my top supporter! It's Clare's nephew's birthday and this cake was a present to the birthday boy. The details were discussed with Clare's sis in law.

When I first heard of Clare's request on the cake decoration of "Little Einsteins" I had straight away imagine little white head Einstein, wrinkly and tiny which reminded me of those little Einstein figures Night in The Museum 2. When I told Clare that, she gave me a big no NO!

Whoopss... okay, Little Einsteins is a new (to me new lah, I used to watched the old version Cinderella, Snow White, Tom and Jerry...) Disney cartoon series and not Albert Einstein. Haha...

Now, THIS is one on the Little Einsteins, Leo, from the animated series. I told Abby, Clare's sis in law, that I don't think I would be able to mould the Little Einsteins figurines after finding out how they looked like through the web links.

I suggested instead to have a 3D rocket from the cartoon. After a few more discussions, Abby has agreed with a 2D Leo with 3D rockets, birds and butterflies.

Here are the birds (which might look more like chickens - still birds no? I think is the colour, next time I will make blue ones) and butterflies. I couldn't make them too big otherwise they will be too big to be put beside the rocket.

Added grass and flowers to complete the terrain for the landed rocket.

This is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting


MasterChef said...

so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

hi do you do chinese new year hampers ? If so how much? pls email me at


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