Friday, July 24, 2009

A gym instructor's birthday

It's little bro's birthday today. Nick ordered this via the gym cupcake post on Wednesday for Teoh. However, I only just found out today that there were no party, Cheng just came to pick up the cupcakes, to be delivered to birthday boy. (A special thanks to Nick for ordering and Cheng for delivering, plus letting me "tumpang" my birthday present to bro - post that later)

Here's something different from the previous box - an ipod (you knew right even if I didn't put a caption here? haha...)

Aeromic belt (name of this item courtesy of Swee cause I don't know what you call this, I suppose only instructors will be familiar). And I thought I definitely have to put a caption else no one would know what this is.

And the usual stuff... sorry bro, I forgot to make you a glove. It was already very late at night (in the morning) by the time I got to this stage.


Anonymous said...

Its darn cool....and creative.....

When can yo start doing RPM bikes? Jerseys? Bike shoes? Gloves? Water Bottle? Cannnn? I want!!!! Please...


nickk said...

the cup cakes are yummy! Truly delish!

Bel Jee said...

TD... jerseys, gloves, water bottle all can... Bikes... yikes. Erm... I shall try. Order order! Then you will be first to have bike, gym themed cuppie cakes.

Nickk... glad you like the cucpakes, I thought they didn't reach you :)


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