Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Li Anne's 2nd Birthday

I've got a refer by Clare to Suet who was planning for her daughter's 2nd birthday party. When Suet called me, it was a week before the party. I've originally planned to close my orders for 4th July because of the 2 tier wedding cake. But after confirming the bride's cake design, I felt that I could still manage this birthday cake. Besides, I really didn't want to miss out the fun of decorating this cake!

Suet wanted a huge cake that will be impressive enough. She told me the 1st birthday cake was 2 feet big. I told her the fresh cream covered cake needed refrigeration and I couldn't fit such a big cake inside my fridge. The biggest I can do was 16 inches times 12 inches. Which luckily was good enough for Suet.

Suet also sent me a few images on the type of designs she wanted. I told her, however, that those sample designs were cake with butter icing or fondant, and I will try to use fondant cut-out flowers but they might melt when in contact with moisture.

Made some coloured fresh cream, but still tried my best to have the fondant flowers on the cake. Here they are, mainly pink and purple designs.

The very original plan was to have a 3D little girl sitting on top of the cake, but Suet told me that the grandmother some how didn't allow that. But the cake was just a bit plain and lacking the party feel. So I made some little presents with the extra sponge cake pieces, so these are fully edible presents.

The presents were placed here...

And here... Cake collected on Saturday. I hope the birthday girl liked this cake.

This is a sponge cake with lychee custard filling. Covered with fresh cream.


MasterChef said...

I really feel like taking a good big bite at this cake!

Suet Nee said...

Hi Bel,

Thanks for the lovely cake. My princess loves it very much. Love the design and the cake is very yummy. =)

Bel Jee said...

Hello there Suet.

Thanks for the feedback, it's a real pleasure to be making her 2nd birthday cake. Thanks for your support! :)

MC, the fresh cream is actually very delicious ;)


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