Friday, July 3, 2009

My Chocolate Cake Wedding Present

CS ordered a cake for his ex-colleagues' wedding. This is supposed to be more of a surprise present for the bride which is why the pink (bride's favorite colour). Besides, I'm sure pink and red won't go wrong with occasions like weddings, especially when the parents are present.

When we brainstormed for the design of the cake, we originally plan to have perhaps things that symbolize what the couple do, their favorite items etc. Tennis? But then again, tennis racket might not really match the mood of this cake. So settled with roses.

By the way, I think the other cake idea of the bed and clothes littered all around will be fun to make and it might better reflect on the couple's routine. :p

This time, the present is being wrapped in pink present paper and tied with pink ribbons dotted with heart designs.

... and a double bow.
A present tag with the couple's name.

I had prepared a lot of different types of greetings. But didn't look like there is much space to write all those "happily ever after..." wishes.

This is a chocolate cake (for obvious reason) covered with milk chocolate icing before being wrapped up in Fondant. Fondant covered cake board. Looks quite good when it's placed inside the cake box as the cake decoration stretches from end to end.


Ee said...

The cake really looks awesome....yummy much for this kind of cake...I wanna spread the word around....

Bel Jee said...

Hello there Ee... Are you the Ee I know? :p

Price for the cake depends on the flavour, size and type of design. So for this particular one:

RM85 - moist choc cake with choc icing filling and covered with the icing. 7 inches square. 1.8 - 2 kg (cake only)
RM30 - for fondant covered cake and cake board, double bow ribbon with ribbon designs. Additional 3D flowers for the cake board.

Total is RM115 for this cake and design.


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