Friday, July 17, 2009

Zoey's Birthday Cake

I think Shirley has been wanting to order a cake from me, and particularly the Mars Bar cheesecake after she saw it on Facebook the other day (thanks for the support!). In fact, Shirley booked this cake many weeks ago for her daughter's third birthday.

She didn't specified what kind of decoration, just said something cute, perhaps teddy bear. I haven't made a teddy bear for a long time and I tried a different design this time. And so far, this is my favorite.

Some presents together with teddy. Teddy and presents were not on the cake because fondants might melt away when they sit on moist surface.

This is a mini 6 inches Mars Bar cheesecake. A blend of cream cheese and rich double cream with chunky Mars Bar chocolates, layered with chocolate and butterscotch sauce, drizzled and marbled with more chocolate and butterscotch sauce. Encased in Oreo chocolate biscuit.


Swee San said...

oh my! ! sounds really sinful and rich !!!!! yummy

Bel Jee said...

Yes... delicious but very fattening :p


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