Sunday, July 19, 2009

Good Bye Siong

Sis ordered a cake for her colleagues' farewell. Although her colleagues all love the chocolate cake, but sis was longing for a change.

The decoration of the cake was originally laptop, book and a pile of paper, kind of office stuff. But since the delivery of this cake was after Zoey's cake, sis changed the decoration to TTB (TeaRoom Teddy Bear). One that holds "System Biology", the subject her colleague specializes in. Together with TTB a large System Biology book.

Here's the special message to Siong. And I heard Siong actually had the "Best" piece of the cake.

This is a carrot cake (with raisins, walnut and chocolate chips, yes chocolate chips. Moisten with banana) and covered in cream cheese frosting.

1 comment:

MasterChef said...

this cake was a hit!
I personally ate 3 pieces! SO NICE.... love it very very much.

System Biology TTB has added into Heilly's collection. Hee..


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