Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aunty's hobbies

A bowl of "meatball" soup noodle, spoon, chopsticks and a mug

Received Jacqueline's email about two weeks ago and to my relief, this is not for during my hectic week. After a few discussions on what should be the dessert for the party of her auntie's birthday party, it has been decided that it shall be cupcakes.

As for the miniatures, they encompass her auntie's hobbies and I supposed since she love cooking, these following were requested:

Pestle and mortar

Wok, "chahn" (spatula), knife and a cloth (the white thing at the other end)

This was requested because auntie uses hair roller, (which I don't think the younger generation has seen haha...) and hair brush (which I think should be made slightly bigger actually).

Going on to the gambling stuff...

Mahjong tiles - the favorite ones!
Dice and chips

Lottery ticket and the number balls - why Magnum? That's the "sample" mum gave me haha... And why 1410? It's today's date. Hey, if anyone buy this number and win, don't forget to "contribute" back to TeaRoom ;)

Here's the full box, 8 medium cupcakes plus 18 minis, which Jacqueline will be arranging out on the table

And there were 2 other boxes to make sure that there will be enough dessert for everyone (about 25 persons, adults plus kids).


MasterChef said...

love all the cooking utensils.. so cute!

Bel Jee said...

and they look familiar right? Haha... I actually took the ones at home as "templates" :D


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