Friday, October 9, 2009

Ferrari California

I like the back of the car better. Overall feedback from customer was bad - the base cake was too dry and crumbly, the Ferrari didn't look like one which is supposed to be sleek and sexy. He said maybe next time don't do car. Hmm... there will be a next time? ;)

So much room for improvements, hope to do another one soon again. I had some "technical" issue making the cake thin and slim for the front of the car. Perhaps a larger cake will be easier? I didn't had much time to take orders last week, therefore this car is only an 8 inches one.

I found that "floorboard" was the easiest way to cover the cake after I have placed the car on the base cake. And thanks to Mama Min for the class on making these (though I've actually made individual pieces of "wood").

As the logos did not look good with just the silver paint, I have used silver icing to pipe the wordings on, this case it has the more 3D effect. The word "California" was written with piped icing also.

Chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing underneath the Ferrari and sitting on a Hokey Pokey (coffee walnut) cake.


MasterChef said...

perhaps cake just can't have a sleek look for cars like these?

Bel Jee said...

hmm... maybe it can be if i make a larger cake. Will try do this again with styrofoam when I have time one day ^_^, for display purposes


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