Sunday, October 25, 2009

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis

This is for Izrin's birthday. I had originally asked Jaah to decide on the brand and model... no outcome from there, haha... it was either another Chanel or an LV. I think most people voted for an LV bag, besides, it's good to have another brand. I wanted to make a multicolore monogram at first, and it was a big bag - the Speedy City bag. I changed my plan due to short supply of tall large cake box (yup, did my purchasing rather last minute) and I didn't really want to make a miniature of the original bag. So changed to this dainty little bag - A Rodeo Drive in Amarante. Okay What colour is this? I've search the web and the information gotten was cherry plum red that looks like black. With a tinge of purple.

The bag is almost the original size, almost. Should be about an inch smaller but with a wider base - I have nightmares of the bag toppling over due to insufficient foundation. :p Anyways, if I make this bag again, I think it should be a little taller. Then again, not sure if it is stable enough or not...

Painted the plaque with gold dust, this time not diluted with water/ lemon juice, directly applied in the dust form. I kind of like this effect better. I also couldn't find any tools fine enough but not sharp to imprint the brand name. It was also quite a challenge doing the imprints as the cake had started to crack before long. Can actually see fine lines in this picture. The imprints were made by pressing little stamps on the fondant - yes, make the stamps first and make sure you invert the "LV" so it's the right side when you imprint. ;)

The bottom part/ layer of the fondant has gone through some settlement, that's why you can see that the monograms at the bottom are actually being squashed already. Need to look into this the next time.

The birthday message.

Mum asked me what this was, haha... it's a strap which was kind of random, but has it's purpose...

It's for the candle. I don't suppose anyone would want to poke the candle onto the handbag.

Gold chain holding onto the bag and connecting with the leather strap

This is not perfect but hopefully it is impressive enough for the birthday lady. And I need to improve on the lighting for photography....

Ohh... inside handbag is the chocolate moist cake with milk chocolate icing. It's only two layers, but with cake this height, the next time I must make it four layers.

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