Friday, October 30, 2009


Okay, I know my football is not "correct" :p

Here... I bought these cute little football chocolates because I knew that there was a big chance of me not doing a good job in the handmade one. I will do more research on this item. :)

Originally told Angie that I have a rather tight schedule this week and will not be able to make her many cartoon characters like the last one she ordered. But I had tried my best to make time for a TTB. Using my phone camera last night because I was again lazy to go upstairs to fetch my camera.

Here's the box... more cupcakes coming up on Sunday. :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis

This is for Izrin's birthday. I had originally asked Jaah to decide on the brand and model... no outcome from there, haha... it was either another Chanel or an LV. I think most people voted for an LV bag, besides, it's good to have another brand. I wanted to make a multicolore monogram at first, and it was a big bag - the Speedy City bag. I changed my plan due to short supply of tall large cake box (yup, did my purchasing rather last minute) and I didn't really want to make a miniature of the original bag. So changed to this dainty little bag - A Rodeo Drive in Amarante. Okay What colour is this? I've search the web and the information gotten was cherry plum red that looks like black. With a tinge of purple.

The bag is almost the original size, almost. Should be about an inch smaller but with a wider base - I have nightmares of the bag toppling over due to insufficient foundation. :p Anyways, if I make this bag again, I think it should be a little taller. Then again, not sure if it is stable enough or not...

Painted the plaque with gold dust, this time not diluted with water/ lemon juice, directly applied in the dust form. I kind of like this effect better. I also couldn't find any tools fine enough but not sharp to imprint the brand name. It was also quite a challenge doing the imprints as the cake had started to crack before long. Can actually see fine lines in this picture. The imprints were made by pressing little stamps on the fondant - yes, make the stamps first and make sure you invert the "LV" so it's the right side when you imprint. ;)

The bottom part/ layer of the fondant has gone through some settlement, that's why you can see that the monograms at the bottom are actually being squashed already. Need to look into this the next time.

The birthday message.

Mum asked me what this was, haha... it's a strap which was kind of random, but has it's purpose...

It's for the candle. I don't suppose anyone would want to poke the candle onto the handbag.

Gold chain holding onto the bag and connecting with the leather strap

This is not perfect but hopefully it is impressive enough for the birthday lady. And I need to improve on the lighting for photography....

Ohh... inside handbag is the chocolate moist cake with milk chocolate icing. It's only two layers, but with cake this height, the next time I must make it four layers.

TTB & Friends

I was organizing my pictures for blog update and noticed that I don't have picture of this full box of cupcakes! Ahh... How can? So I recall... I must be too sleepy the night before and thought that I have already taken all the pictures necessary the night before that night... anyways, Jeannie, I hope you have some :p

So, I only have TTB and friends, the flowers were not in my album, but you've seen them all, only this time they were in violet colour, a colour I've not used for a while. For the kids, there was original quite a few "branded" or "celebrity" cartoon character, but couldn't manage. So making appearance were TTB and little blue baby elephant... with 2 new friends.

Moo moo, who originally I thought was a hippo, so he is now called something like Moopo, or Hipmoo... so funny, haha...

There was this one day when I got stuck in a traffic jam and saw some froggie decorative in the car next to me, so this was based on my memory of that frog, which turned out to look like Keropi. :)

Here they are...

Monday, October 19, 2009

Turning One Year Old

I got a call from Jiin, a friend of Jeannie, earlier this week for a box of cupcakes to celebrate her daughter's one year birthday. The request after Jiin has gone through the blog was TTB present, marshmallow flowers and number 1 figurine. Since she requested for pink and blue marshmallow flowers, I've made this box a pink and blue theme. However, TTB was not holding the present because cupcake TTBs are too tiny (trust me!) and I wasn't able to craft a present that is detailed enough for TTB to hold.

Not many closed up shot taken, was a bit sleepy after completing the box of cuppie cakes. :)

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Aunty's hobbies

A bowl of "meatball" soup noodle, spoon, chopsticks and a mug

Received Jacqueline's email about two weeks ago and to my relief, this is not for during my hectic week. After a few discussions on what should be the dessert for the party of her auntie's birthday party, it has been decided that it shall be cupcakes.

As for the miniatures, they encompass her auntie's hobbies and I supposed since she love cooking, these following were requested:

Pestle and mortar

Wok, "chahn" (spatula), knife and a cloth (the white thing at the other end)

This was requested because auntie uses hair roller, (which I don't think the younger generation has seen haha...) and hair brush (which I think should be made slightly bigger actually).

Going on to the gambling stuff...

Mahjong tiles - the favorite ones!
Dice and chips

Lottery ticket and the number balls - why Magnum? That's the "sample" mum gave me haha... And why 1410? It's today's date. Hey, if anyone buy this number and win, don't forget to "contribute" back to TeaRoom ;)

Here's the full box, 8 medium cupcakes plus 18 minis, which Jacqueline will be arranging out on the table

And there were 2 other boxes to make sure that there will be enough dessert for everyone (about 25 persons, adults plus kids).

Charity Fair

Here are some of the cupcakes we've prepared for the charity fair in Bangsar last Saturday. I think there are some better quality pictures in bro in law's camera but I haven't got time to get it from him since I've been working long hours (for the full time job) and I had another project right after the charity fair.

This is the carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, the decoration for the carrot cupcakes are all carrots. Haha... doing the easy way since there was not enough time, and sleep.

The chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate cream. Also made some with the ladybird design. Got quite a few new fans for the ladybird the other night.

Here's the stall and my very first TeaRoom poster designed by Sim. Too bad she was not free to drop by. CS was there, on "duty" and also bought some cupcakes to support the charity... Oh, Pam was there!! Thanks for being there. Penny also bought a few carrot cupcakes to support. Other details and pictures will be loaded on Facebook. :)

Monday, October 12, 2009


" Tai sam yuen"? Erm... I think "tai sam yuen" is with 3 of these, but I've made a set with 4 of each of the "hong chong", "pak pan" and "fatt choy". This was an order from bro in law for his auntie, having the hobby of a rich "tai tai" as Clare has put it. :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ferrari California

I like the back of the car better. Overall feedback from customer was bad - the base cake was too dry and crumbly, the Ferrari didn't look like one which is supposed to be sleek and sexy. He said maybe next time don't do car. Hmm... there will be a next time? ;)

So much room for improvements, hope to do another one soon again. I had some "technical" issue making the cake thin and slim for the front of the car. Perhaps a larger cake will be easier? I didn't had much time to take orders last week, therefore this car is only an 8 inches one.

I found that "floorboard" was the easiest way to cover the cake after I have placed the car on the base cake. And thanks to Mama Min for the class on making these (though I've actually made individual pieces of "wood").

As the logos did not look good with just the silver paint, I have used silver icing to pipe the wordings on, this case it has the more 3D effect. The word "California" was written with piped icing also.

Chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing underneath the Ferrari and sitting on a Hokey Pokey (coffee walnut) cake.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

World March for Peace and Non Violence - Kuala Lumpur

TeaRoom will be participating!

TeaRoom is setting up a cake stall at the event and all gross profit from this event will be donated. Come support TeaRoom and indulge for good causes!

Here are some details of the event:WMKL is the Malaysian leg of the first ever World March that will travel the world starting from 2nd October 2009, the anniversary of Gandhi’s birth, in New Zealand to 2nd January 2010 in Argentina, asking for the end of wars, the dismantling of nuclear weapons and for an end to all forms of violence (physical, economic, racial, religious, cultural, sexual and psychological). Please find out more from

In Malaysia, 5 NGOs: WAO, NURSALAM, VOICE OF THE CHILDREN, SPCA and WORLD WITHOUT WARS, are joining hands to organize this fun filled event, which will include a Lantern Walk themed “Reclaiming the Night” and Street Festival at Jalan Bangkung, Bukit Bandaraya and Peace Dance at Leonardo’s Wine Loft on 10th October 2009, from 6pm-10pm.

Event details as follows:

6PM – 10PM

Street Festival at Jalan Bangkung with performances by Malaysian artists, exhibitions by NGOs, stalls selling food, ethnic items etc.


“Reclaiming the Night” Lantern Walk starting from Jalan Bangkung (Bring along your Tanglung and join us for this historic walk for peace and non violence)


Peace Dance at Leonardo’s Wine Loft (Retro dance party. Come dressed in the 60s and 70s style.)


Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Red Wedding

Nizar ordered this for her sister's wedding a week ago. (Thank goodness it is not for next week!) It is his niece who wanted to have something special for the auntie's wedding. So besides the cupcakes which Nizar had originally ordered, there was an additional wedding cake - fondant covered, with red roses. Yeah, I actually don't have any red flowers in my previous blog posts.

So here it is, the wedding cake. It's a chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing, one of Nizar's favorite, covered with white fondant (coated with some pearl luster), red roses, red tiny blossoms, red tulips on fondant covered and decorated cake board. The leaves were made of both fondant and butter icing.

And here are the cupcakes in 3 designs, red piped flowers, red tulips (or called chic pea flowers) and red hearts.

The full set of order after presenting. And the extras went on to the buffet line, I think. I didn't get to stay for the dinner as I had to be home for dinner.

The "customer", and good friend, formal gym-gang... posing with the cake. Thanks for the great support dear. Hope the celebration went beautifully. :)


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