Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Cake For Ruco Chan

I always wonder how it feels to meet my idol, leave alone presenting a cake to him, ON STAGE! It was really nerve wrecking! This was one of the cake designs I really loved, though not my best and the most over the top cake since I was also caught by surprise about the stage do. LOL
This cake was presented to him to congratulate him for winning the favourite character award in Malaysia and Singapore, acting as the 11th Prince in the drama Captain of destiny.

Took me so long to finally post pictures of this unforgettable event. I have been kind of away :) Here are some of my favourite pictures on stage with my favourite guy and backstage with his kind gesture for some selfies.
Ruco and I - a picture from Hyperlube

He's really good looking, tall and friendly!
He gave me an autograph on my handphone! Come take a look when you see me next :)


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