Monday, June 29, 2009

Almond Chocolate Biscotti - thin slices

Wai En is a big fan of biscotti. He told me the other day that he can finished a whole packet he usually buy from Dome Cafe in one day and I didn't believe him until today.

Made a 250gm batch for him and it was finished within a few minutes. That was also because he was offering the whole office.

He wanted thin slices and reduced sugar. This was the best thin cut I can do unless I have a machine. It's not easy slicing these biscuits with the almonds in them. ;)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cupcakes in Macao

These were made some time ago for a wedding dinner in Macao. It was my sister's sister in law's wedding and the dinner was held in The Venetian Macao. The cupcakes were hand-carried by bro in law all the way to Macao.

The mini cupcakes for the guests...

And some large cupcakes for the head table.

The cupcakes at the dinner table...

I heard the cupcakes were quite popular, it even created a queue to get extras... :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cupcakes by Law

I've got an email inquiry from Allyson. At first I thought Allyson was her blog nickname. Haha... but no, it's her real name. She was planning for her brother's birthday, a lawyer in training, and has requested for a set of cupcakes relating to the law "stuff".

Oh yeah, and Allyson was the one who has "placed" an order for CNY cupcakes. :) Like I told her, so organized.

Here's the set of 3D toppers. I couldn't make the wig... so sorry dear. And the scale has to be lying down because I couldn't find anything strong enough and edible to hold the scale.

Black robe... and I saw on TV news the other day that them lawyers wear this white scarf with their robes. I think this is a bit too cute for the supposed serious lawyers. :D

The lawyers deal with a lot of paper work I'm sure...

A briefcase to hold the documents.

The little hammer...

Books and more books... That's why I didn't want to study law in school. :p

And finally, here's the scale. :)

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Chocolate Cake Book

It's my cousin's 21st birthday. I have been baking his birthday cake since 3 years ago for his birthday parties. This time we thought of making it special for him by having a surprise party and I really wanted to make him something special, and fun of course.

At first I thought of making him a PS or something he wish to get... but lucky kid, he has everything he wants. Almost. Sis suggested a book and I thought it's a good idea! So we investigated with the birthday boy's younger sister on the subjects he's studying now and here's one of the chapters.

Made the book from one block of square cake, only needed to separate the two pieces by having a slightly slanting cut in the centre, flip over one of the pieces and trim the edges to become slight rounded. Not much wastage of cake which I really like, it's a pity to be throwing away cakes just because we need to achieve the shape (yeah, alternatively of course we can have all those "by product" for tea). Sis was the "writer" of this book and the contents are all valid contents!

Lightly cut out the shape of the pages with the pizza cutter and made some bookmarks for the book. Painted the book "cover" blue.

A pencil which was place loosely on the book so this can be kept as decorative item. But too bad, the kids broke the pencil and they ate it too.

Some complicated formulas and graphs...

The highlighter, which is more of the older design I suppose. I haven't been using highlighter and didn't have one at home, had to text cousin sis to get "contents" for the highlighter.

I always like studying while enjoying some snacks, and coffee was such a must during my school days. I didn't attempt to make a big mug, made a small one - for espresso! And a little cupcake (it's not a real cupcake).

Those on the cupcake are supposed to be chocolate stick, chocolate decorative item and a piece of marshmallow with chocolate drizzle (not "real" but edible, made of fondant).

The eraser, which was the easiest to make.

Fondant covered cake board which I tried to give a look of a wooden study desk. And it's very handy for sticking candles on.

Sis took cousin bro out to get lunch while we gotten the cake ready at home. The first reaction of the birthday boy besides being surprised was "eh, how come there's a book on the table?!" :)
It took cousin bro a long while before he finally cut into the cake... Here we were, eating the pages of the book. Haha...

Cross section - moist chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing (sandwich and cover).

Algebra anyone?

Alex's actual birthday is on this coming Thursday, happy birthday bro! Study hard :p

Monday, June 22, 2009

23 Years of Marriage

Happy anniversary to Izrin and Jaah! 23 years of marriage, 3 beautiful (and handsome) kids, successful career and business... I wish I have such achievement in life!

Made a walnut, dates and banana cake, wrapped up as a present, tied with violet ribbons and bow. Made a little card which is attached to the present.

Fondant covered cake board which allows me to write my message outside the cake. Two little rose buds to add some colours.

This is where fairy tale continues after the "happily ever after" wedding do. :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Chocolate Cake making appearance at Gym

Thanks Nick for ordering this cake, I had a lot of fun making the toppers and this reminds me that I've not been to a pump class for ages...

Here is the step board, and 7.5kg of weights, for the erm... back track.

Don't forget to get a mat...

A set of dumbbells if you don't want to use plates for your shoulder workout.

Drink lots of water (my favorite item on the cake, this water bottle, heh) and don't forget your towel, very useful not just to wipe sweat but when the mats are erm... a bit yucky. :p

This actually does look like my typical "place" in pump class. Haha...

Happy father's day, I hope all the gym daddies had enjoyed the cake - chocolate is very healthy!

Chocolate Cake with Froggies

Made this for sis's order. Her colleague's birthday and when I asked what topper, sis said her colleague's favorite is frog. Haha... I thought then, what an acquired taste!

Here are the lotus leaves.

And a pair of frogs. I hope I did okay on differentiating the girl and the boy.

Froggies on moist chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing.


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