Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Cupcakes, Jo Ee's

I meant to post this earlier but was a bit busy with, erm... things.

This is Jo's second order and it kind of came in last minute, like 11pm on Thursday and requested for Saturday. Actually very short notice for me since I'm not yet full time haha... but Jo is a very special customer, she ordered 2 items from me the first time she ordered and we spent like weeks sending each other more than 70 Facebook message discussing the details of her cakes. Oh, the chocolate cake with "sau tou" was her order. And she had recommended another customer, Clare, who had ordered 3 times already. What do I do without these gals? :)

So of course I would really want to take her order. But sadly, I told her I won't have enough time to make a lot of 3D toppers. Anyways, I managed to at least made a pair of booties for her.

I hope they were not too disappointed with this box.

And Happy belated birthday Xuen Min, hope you've had a great 8th birthday celebration.

Oh, and a BIG thanks to Jo for your support!

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