Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kirsty's Brownies

Kirsty and Paul were in Malaysia for their vacation. Kirsty was sis' colleague and close friend when sis was back in London. Kirsty first baked this delicious brownies for sis' birthday and it had since became sis' favorite. Since pregnant, sis doesn't fancy any desserts except for chocolate stuff so far. So, sis has specially requested for Kirsty to bring a full container of brownies all the way from Switzerland, where Kirsty now lives, together with the chocolates she used to bake these wonderful brownies. Here are the "imported" chocolate which I've used for this round of baking.

I've baked these before but they were not as good. The original recipe was in Dutch and Kirsty had got it translated for me, with some modification of her own of course which makes this brownie so perfect. I am still experimenting to see if there will be any huge difference when I use different chocolate, butter, flour, or...? Just baked some yesterday and they were close. Sis said it has to be the flour. Besides that, unsalted butter is strongly recommended for brownies. It gives the fresher, melt in your mouth effect, minus the sourish taste.

The fantastic part of this brownies is the chunky milk chocolate bits. Sis has them brownies chilled at the moment so that they can be kept longer. I quite like eating these straight from the fridge actually. When you eat them chilled, they are crunchy because the milk chocolate bits are harder. At room temperature, you have these melt-in-your-mouth effect from the same chocolate bits.

I like keeping brownies in airtight cookie jar. The brownies looks delicious when they are stacked up high. Cookie jars are also perfect to keep brownies fresh.

I had a piece for afternoon tea with my dosage of coffee. Sis had three after dinner, though she claimed that I ate half of her portion.

Gave some to my official taster, the brownies taste okay, don't they?

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