Monday, May 25, 2009

Birthday Cake with Teddy Bear

Got a birthday cupcake order confirmed about 2 weeks ago for Shenel, introduced by Swee (Thanks!). Shenel was one very creative customers who gave me a lot of design ideas. About 3 days before the delivery, Shenel wanted another birthday cake, a whole cake. She gave me the designs which were really great and cute. The colour theme was white and pink, the favorite colours for the 3-year old birthday girl.
The cake order was a rather short notice. The cakes were ready just before delivery and the fondant on the cake was still soft. My teddy bear was also a bit wet and soft, and teddy's buttock was sinking into the cake since the fondant was not firm enough yet. The cake board was covered as well so to avoid giving long "instructions and precautions" to the customer, I decided that it was best if I deliver the cake to the party venue. Besides, I can indulge myself in arranging the cupcakes as well.

Happy birthday Xin Yi!

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