Sunday, August 30, 2009

Divalicious Cuppie Cakes

A Green Nike Miniature Sling Bag

Stephanie contacted me some 2 weeks plus before her order date to arrange for this set of cupcakes. After quite a few FB messages, she has provided me with a list of wordings and miniatures for the production of cupcakes. Out of the list of items, I told Steph that "divalicious" was a bit long to fit the cupcake, and I couldn't do the transparent effect of a pair of glasses. Other than that, everything else was okay and I'd known then that I'll have fun making these items. So cute!

Saw some FB pictures and thanks again for tagging The Baker, looks like you guys have had a great time and glad that the cupcakes are part of this fun-filled special occasion!

The Birthday Wishes

A Birthday Present

Black iPod

Pink Fondant Heart


Nike Water Bottle

Nike Face Towel
A Pair of Red Nike Shoes

This was by far my favorite Nike miniature bag

The box of cupcakes which were later being beautifully presented on a tray for the bitrhday party.


Cakespy said...

These are fantastic!

Bel Jee said...

Ohh hello there Cakespy, thanks for dropping in all the way from Seattle :)


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