Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My Nutritionist's Birthday

It's Juliana's birthday, my "personal" nutritionist :). Her request was blueberry cheesecake - are you thinking of something plain baked cheesecake that is topped with blueberry jam? No, no... not making anything like that... I made one with fresh blueberries.

Here's Juju's personalized TTB - the Nutritionist TTB in her lab coat and a detox file.

Baked cheesecake with an Oreo base. Used both cream cheese and Italian mascarporne cheese with a rich background of couverture white chocolate, embedded with fresh and juicy blueberries.

Hmmm, I think the retail price for this cake would be close to RM200.

Post blog notes:

Got these pictures from Juliana. Specially taken for the TeaRoom album. Thanks dear! :)


MasterChef said...

ahhh.. i really want to eat this cake!


RM200 is way too cheap lar... after knowing the cost price of the cake... I drilled Bel and forced her to reveal her cost price! And take my word for it, RM200 is waaaaayyyyy to cheap! It's like buying diamonds for the price of crystals!


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