Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Box of Designer and Branded Cupcakes

Brother in law ordered a box of cupcakes for his aunt's birthday. There have been many ideas and we enjoyed the brainstorming sessions, imagining the outcome of the cakes. Finally, his order was a box of cupcakes with the designers' brand.

Bro mentioned a few brands and I particularly remember Nike. Other than that, my memory was a bit vague. So, googled "designer logos" and got a few ideas. I've left out Coach, a brand I quite like. And I think Fendi has quite a distinctive logo as well. Next time. I didn't do Tag Heuer because the logo is very colour based, green and red but I heard this is the birthday girl's favorite brand. Next time as well.

Here are some highlights:

This is the set I like most, the sports brand.

These were added because Aunt Jennifer loves money too. Hey who doesn't? :)

Here is the complete set, can you spot the spelling error? It has been later corrected but only after the photo session. The line of gold coins were chocolates.


MasterChef said...

auntie Jennifer loves them so much.. of course her daughter vivien is also a cupcake addict. hee... apparently the cupcakes didn't last the night.

Little Princess said...

Wow.. these are very creative cupcakes. They look very cute and they are probably delicious too!!!



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