Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ants on my cake!!!

Yes, those ARE supposed to look like "ants"

Time REALLY flies... The other day sis told me Heilly wanted to order a cake and when I got her birthday message, I went like gasps! Has it been one year, I still remember doing their cake last year!

So when I asked sis what does Heilly want for the decoration? She said something cute and funny... so after consulting with sis, sis has came up with the "bug" theme, we shall have ladybirds on the cake. No flowers because it's too "girly".

So while visualizing a bunch of bugs on the cake, I thought of ants too... and lets have the ants "do something". Ahuh! Let me make them look like they are "invading" and stealing the cherry from the cake. I'm sure this would be humorous enough. :)

When Heilly opened up the cake box, she thought the cherry has fally off during transportation, she put it back but discovered that the cherry was being carried away by the ants, so she put it back on top of the ants. Haha... so funny.

It was quite difficult doing the "legs" too tiny, I was using #1 nozzle already, and since L1 nozzle doesn't fit the coupler and I was lazy, I dotted the legs with the #1 nozzle anyhow. At first I was trying out the ants and they all looked like spiders, haha... so I went around kitchen looking for "template" and huh! Luckily I found one ant running around. Now you wonder whether a sparkling clean kitchen is a good thing or not right? :)

This is a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. If you would like to have this humour cake as well, choose a light colour base cake icing. :)

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