Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lets do the Hokey Pokey for Sis and BIL

It's my sister's belated birthday and brother in law's earlier birthday celebration on Sunday. Sis was the one who had requested for this cake called "Hokey Pokey" cake which is a coffee cake with walnuts. BIL is not a dessert person but this is about the only cake he will eat. :)

So what's with the cake? The walnut pralines... BIL brought back a lot of fresh, delicious walnuts from Australia and it does make a big difference in terms of taste. Made the pralines with the fresh walnuts for the cake, and later decided to make extra for snacking haha... Madalyn my cousin sis says (and she often delivers such similar statements for TeaRoom creations haha...) "I don't like walnuts but I love these pralines".

The walnut pralines were crushed and used as the filling for the 2 layer cake. So when you eat the cake, it's delightfully crunchy.

Made some coffee butter icing, simply with Nescafe Gold instant coffee.

Sandwich and cover the cake with the butter icing. Left the sides uncovered since this is for own consumption and we know we won't be eating all the icing.

The decorations? TTBs of course :)

Made a pair of TTBs (actually plus a little one, but sis said she doesn't want the little TTB on because the little one is not born. Okay fair enough) - BIL's was with the Nintendo controller (was planning to make the Nintendo game console but didn't have the time, also didn't think BIL will be keeping it, or would you?). The other TTB was with a bowl of food - Alex my cousin brother said it has to be "maggi meen ka dan" (Maggi instant noodle with egg, which is our favorite way of eating Maggi curry mee). Now, the happiest person was cousin sis who has collected all 3 versions of TTBs in one night.

Here they are...

Noodle TTB

Nintendo TTB

Hokey Pokey cake - coffee cake with chunky walnuts, filled with walnut pralines and iced with coffee butter cream - there was supposed to be a piece going to the Official TeaRoom Taster, but BIL is doing a good job - eating the cake WITH the butter icing :) - Thanks BIL for being so supportive!


MasterChef said...

I like the back view of TTBs'. So adorable!

TTB said...

a haha... yes. I love the back view too :). I'm so glad that they are looking more "real" ^_^


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