Sunday, August 16, 2009


The "Shao Tou" (寿桃) - longevity fruits

Spoke to Shiun Yan last week, the first time again after meeting her in a wedding function previously. She has just been referred to by CS to "TeaRoom" and she has also been told that I can bake really nice cakes. (CS - thanks for the lead but erm... do you supposed you have set the expectations for the customers a bit too high?:p).

Shiun Yan was planning for her mother's 70th birthday and has selected this cake flavour because she wanted something light, and these designs after browsing through the blog (which was when she felt that this blog is just too dangerous for people on diet. Haha... I think I better put up a disclaimer somewhere. :p)

Mini longevity fruits

Pink flowers and leaves

Chinese birthday greeting

This is a sponge cake with lychee custard fillings
A 3 layer cake

Cake covered with fresh cream and decorated with fondant-made longevity fruits and butter icing flowers and leaves. I've used butter icing for the flowers and leaves as I find that the fresh cream does not deliver such defined patterns. Besides, I'm sure the kids will love this cake and the decorations.


MasterChef said...

i need to discuss with you about my raya gift project!

Bel Jee said...

Hey, your comment is a bit random here...


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