Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mini Chanel

My mini Chanel!!! Which I feel is just so cute :)

Kath asked about handbag cake and since we didn't need to go THAT extend in impressing and spending, I've suggested to Kath that we can have a miniature handbag, designer stuff in a smaller scale.

It was originally going to be an LV, but half way through the making I sent an SOS message to Kath requesting for it to be changed to a Chanel. I know now that it is not just impossible to do the imprints on this 3 inches bag, it is also almost a mission impossible (for me at least) to paint the monograms without templates.

Spent many hours doing this so naturally also spent a lot of SD card memory taking pictures :). So pardon me on the craziness of photo uploads in here.

The handbag was not to scale but meant to capture the gist of the handbag - quilted surface, logo and the gold chain strap...

Ohh no! Only recall now that I was planning to give the bag a pearl coating!! Too engrossed with sticking "pearls" until I forgot about it. :p Humphh... I would have been so much more impressive!

Okay... got the bag to sit on a layer of fondant "cloth" so that the bag can stand firm and not topple over.

The birthday message on a piece of sugarpaste "leather".

Did I repeat myself up there? :p


Kryptonite said...

these pics are making me think of ordering a handbag cake for my own birthday - or even better, a cake covered with shoes!


Bel Jee said...

ohhh... get someone to order for you ;). Tell me who I shall send this link to :D

Kryptonite said...

Hurray! Yummy cake with colorful heels!! I FB mail u. ;-D



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