Saturday, January 16, 2010


This was a project for Faz... she showed me picture of her friend wearing one of these on her hair, told me this is her friend's favorite flower. After Faz telling me the name of these flowers, I've tried searching for some pictures. The next time I made these, I shall try to have them petals slightly overlapping.

Anyone interested to order something with these flowers? :)

Made 12 of these flowers and mixed them with some other 5 petal fondant flowers to make up this box of white and yellow theme.

The flowers...

Beautiful words by Faz. Don't you just love them?


Kryptonite said...

Theyre beautiful AND yummy! Everyone had a cake and we toasted the birthday girl with it. Sugar high-related madness ensued, but I'm confident the high's from the soft drinks that the people had way before the cuppies.

The frangipani cupcakes were the life of the party. A few friends even asked if the flowers were real. Beautiful. Thanks, Bel!


Bel Jee said...

Thank you dear for ordering these. Don't think I will ever think of making these flowers if it wasn't for you :). I love this new collection in my flower pot ;)


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