Sunday, January 24, 2010


I've been in contact with Desiree since last year... she'd been wanting to order some cupcakes but since she's very far away - she lives in Bahau - there has been some logistic issues to consider.

Her son turns 1 year old this weekend and she had ordered a box of cupcakes for this special day. I was so excited because the cupcakes are going far again :). One of the toppers which Desiree had specifically asked was Snoopy. I told her I'll try my best as it's always difficult imitating famous characters.

At first I only made one Snoopy, along with TTB and the other characters, as advised by Desiree. Like she said, I think it will be nice to have the whole box as Snoopy theme the next time :).

Here's Snoopy's little friend Woodstock - supposed to be lah, it doesn't really look like that little birdy. Bro in law said this looks like a dinosaur. Humph...

Since "Woodstock" was a little small, I had it sat on some marshmallows. Couldn't' make the house because there was not much space on mini cupcakes, unless I make the house same size as Snoopy...

There they are, one Snoopy with big eyes, which made it not so Snoopy according to Shen. The other with "sepet" eyes which was closer. But cute what nonetheless, right? :p

So, I've got doggie added on to the TTB and friends range. Happy... :)

Happy Birthday Cheng Xun...

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