Saturday, January 23, 2010


It's my aunt's office birthday celebration time again... she wanted to order her favorite butter cake this time. Erm... there are actually 2 recipes - one with cheese (which is the gooey butter cake) and the other without. So it's the gooey cake.

But she also said she doesn't want icing... how like that? I told her why not I just blanket the cake with fondant, and finish off with some simple design so that they can just peel off the fondant and eat just the cake? Otherwise opt for scrapping off icing cream?

Aunt sent me a picture of a cake with coloured butter icing and cut out round shaped fondant pieces, with a bit ribbon in the middle. The birthday greeting tag on the cake board... something like that. But I've asked to change the design "slightly" :p

Here you go :)
Happy birthday to Bernise!

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