Friday, July 31, 2009

A pink lady's gym

A Pair of Pink Glove

Farid had made an advance order for a box of birthday cupcakes for her friend. At first the theme was supposed to be something festive for the celebration, I thought then perhaps a lot of flowers. Later after J.E.'s box of cupcakes were made, Farid told me she quite like the gym theme and therefore we'd changed the theme to gym. But she said instead of blue, she wants pink :).

Hence the pink step board, hee. I thought it would be a bit too much if the barbell and plates were pink, so they were still black.

Pink iPod - I heard there is actually no pink iPod out there, is it so?

Too much of pink, therefore I made a white towel

You know what?! I forgot to put up the balloons!! Geezz... slap! But I hope customer and birthday girl like this box of pink cupcakes despite the missing balloons!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chanel 2.55

It's a cake!

Big boss ordered this for his wife who must be fan of Chanel. Though he bought her the real one, perhaps it is nice to have a Chanel birthday cake as well. It was exciting getting this order because I know I will enjoy myself making this, plus, it's a good picture gallery collection.

The only "misfortune", if I may call it, was the delivery date has been changed one day earlier, only got to know on Monday, for delivery for Wednesday. Due to this, I had to get the decorating completed all in one night! Spent 10 hours on this excluding baking time.

I don't think I've done the Chanel logo properly. Hey, I've not had a real Chanel so I don't have anything to examine in order to figure out the mechanism. Best I could do from referring to picture. :p The gold metal colour is also not quite close. When I went to ICCA in Kota Damansara the other day, the retail staff couldn't tell me which gold colour I should get. Should have asked Swee San before I went. Ohh... before I forget, a BIG thanks to Swee San for the tips of constructing a Chanel.

The quilting or imprinting of the bag was not that difficult, I quite like the outcome, it looks exactly like the picture I've printed from Google. The measurements might not be accurate since I do not have actual size template. I was wanting to get the 3-in-1 roller which Swee San mentioned and has but it is not available in any of the ICCAs, so I settled with using the one tailors use. Special thanks to Aunt Elvy for getting it for me.

Last to be made was the straps which were not that great I'd to say. I started making these straps at 2am and my firs strap snapped into 2 when I started transforming it onto the cake. I think the weaving of the metal strap took a bit too long so the strap has dried off and harden. Since it was much more detail and with more weaving, the strap was rather heavy hence causing the breakage. After that, since it was 2am, I thought I had to use "safe" method if I want to complete this and have it delivered - thicker strap and metal strap with fewer repetition.

Of course then the result was not perfect. I had originally planned to put the strap at the top away from the bag, but last minute thought that the frontage of bag looks a bit plain, and there wasn't that much space at the top of the cake board. Besides, piling the straps all together will hinder the painting of the metal straps :P.

Very customized message from the customer himself. Made a pieces of fondant for him to write this message himself with a food grade pen. A little cupcake with black ribbon for the candle.

Specially transformed the cake box into a "Chanel box". I had to recruit third party assistance to do this, really didn't have time. Madalyn (cousin sis) did a very good job, she spent 2 hours doing this makeover!

The handbag was personally delivered by husband to wife, how sweet right? ;) Too bad wife was not around so no feedback on reaction. At least, I don't think I need to worry about the cake not being delicious even though the bag doesn't look that real.

Inside this bag - TeaRoom milk chocolate cake - rich moist chocolate cake with milk chocolate icing, infused with a light note of coffee.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Body, Mind and Soul

Nick has pre-booked a cake for the theme "Body, Mind and Soul" after the body pump theme cake. I wasn't sure what kind of "equipment" I can make to represent yoga. Yoga mats??

I was then thinking that I would make different yoga poses, but I am bad in making human figurines, moreover, are you going to "eat" the humans? Later when I talked to Penny, my "personal" yoga instructor, about this cake order, she had inspired me with her tattoos of a bunny meditating. Ahh... I can have different animals doing different yoga poses!

But after last week, after the "birth" of TTBs, I've decided to have them TTBs "posing" for the cake instead.

Here they are! From left, TTB doing the headstand, middle TTB meditating and finally, the "firefly" pose. I know the bears will eventually be "stuck" on the cake with creams/ icing, but I specifically made them to be able to balance on their own to prove that these are doable poses (even for bears haha...). Like CS said, I was really proud by the time I finished the last bear (the one doing the firefly pose), not proud of myself but proud of my bears because they've achieved some advance yoga poses!

Note: I did secure the firefly TTB with toothpick, BUT it's only because I don't think it can balance under the moving conditions of the car. Otherwise, it can stand and balance on its own. Will post a special album on my yoga bears tomorrow or so to show you.

Last night I text-ed Nick and told him that I felt a bit upset already to be parting with my TTBs after speding so much time with them. If, IF possible guys, can you not eat them but keep them aside as decorative items for your desks? The sugarpaste figurines can be kept for a long time actually, just keep them away from ants... and in my case, lizards.

This is a carrot cake with finely grated carrots, an undernote of walnuts, raisins and chocolate chips, moisten with bananas. Cake covered with cream cheese frosting.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Tying ribbons on cupcakes

These is the box of cupcakes for Teoh.

In the special cupcake gift box I've gotten from Wilton.

Large size mist chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate icing. Ribbons made of fondant and flowers piped with butter icing

Friday, July 24, 2009

A gym instructor's birthday

It's little bro's birthday today. Nick ordered this via the gym cupcake post on Wednesday for Teoh. However, I only just found out today that there were no party, Cheng just came to pick up the cupcakes, to be delivered to birthday boy. (A special thanks to Nick for ordering and Cheng for delivering, plus letting me "tumpang" my birthday present to bro - post that later)

Here's something different from the previous box - an ipod (you knew right even if I didn't put a caption here? haha...)

Aeromic belt (name of this item courtesy of Swee cause I don't know what you call this, I suppose only instructors will be familiar). And I thought I definitely have to put a caption else no one would know what this is.

And the usual stuff... sorry bro, I forgot to make you a glove. It was already very late at night (in the morning) by the time I got to this stage.

Colgate Palmolive on Cupcakes

Just saw on Tony's FB that people wouldn't mind brushing their teeth with this toothbrush. Haha... sugar toothbrush and toothpaste anyone?

Got some pictures from Tony earlier this week on her cupcake ideas. It's full of miniature Colgate Palmolive items. I thought then the little bottles will look really cute on the cupcakes. Just didn't make the "tooth" from his list.

Changed the "sensual" (red colour bottle) range of shower gel to "exotic" (orange) because the toothpaste is already red, and also I was using the orange colour shower gel :).

This Protex was the one I thought is the most difficult to make, not the shape, but the drawings. Then...

Then I realize the label for Softlan is actually more complicated, there's image of some actual person... luckily Tony already told me to focus on getting the brand name and no need to be too into drawings.

The deodorant stick was okay. Kind of cute but nothing too distinctive like the toothpaste...

Another box of mini chocolate cupcakes with butter icing

Ps. Tony, thanks for the mention in FB, and you definitely deserve agency fees for efficient distribution of TeaRoom name cards haha... Looking forward to the Brands cupcakes.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bugging the Chocolate Cupcakes

Here's a box of cupcakes ordered by Juliana. At first I thought she might only want like half a dozen since it's only her husband and herself indulging in these.

She took one dozen, 12 of them. "Garden" theme with bugs and... gummy bear. Yeah, I was wondering how bears fit in :).

The Ladybird

These are large size moist chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate icing ("Warned" Juju about the chocolate icing which is made mainly of double cream!)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy Birthday JE!

Tony booked a box of cupcakes 3 weeks ago. It's for a birthday celebration and the theme was gym because the birthday boy is a regular gym goer. And right until I got the message, I didn't know it's for JE.

Happy birthday JE! I hope you've had a great celebration and didn't get caught in the jam getting to dinner. :)

So here are the gadgets (if you are joining a body pump class...):

barbell with weights

Extra plates for adding on weights, and for shoulder, triceps tracks etc...


and don't forget your step board

and a mat

And some must have gym accessories, hee...

Water bottle

A towel


A box of chocolate cupcakes with butter icing


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