Monday, July 27, 2009

Body, Mind and Soul

Nick has pre-booked a cake for the theme "Body, Mind and Soul" after the body pump theme cake. I wasn't sure what kind of "equipment" I can make to represent yoga. Yoga mats??

I was then thinking that I would make different yoga poses, but I am bad in making human figurines, moreover, are you going to "eat" the humans? Later when I talked to Penny, my "personal" yoga instructor, about this cake order, she had inspired me with her tattoos of a bunny meditating. Ahh... I can have different animals doing different yoga poses!

But after last week, after the "birth" of TTBs, I've decided to have them TTBs "posing" for the cake instead.

Here they are! From left, TTB doing the headstand, middle TTB meditating and finally, the "firefly" pose. I know the bears will eventually be "stuck" on the cake with creams/ icing, but I specifically made them to be able to balance on their own to prove that these are doable poses (even for bears haha...). Like CS said, I was really proud by the time I finished the last bear (the one doing the firefly pose), not proud of myself but proud of my bears because they've achieved some advance yoga poses!

Note: I did secure the firefly TTB with toothpick, BUT it's only because I don't think it can balance under the moving conditions of the car. Otherwise, it can stand and balance on its own. Will post a special album on my yoga bears tomorrow or so to show you.

Last night I text-ed Nick and told him that I felt a bit upset already to be parting with my TTBs after speding so much time with them. If, IF possible guys, can you not eat them but keep them aside as decorative items for your desks? The sugarpaste figurines can be kept for a long time actually, just keep them away from ants... and in my case, lizards.

This is a carrot cake with finely grated carrots, an undernote of walnuts, raisins and chocolate chips, moisten with bananas. Cake covered with cream cheese frosting.


Anonymous said...

OMG... the teddy bears are so adorable. Good work dear!!


MasterChef said...

Ahh.. so so cute!!!!!!

I just want to order a cake from you just for these ttbs!!!!! But there is no event or person i want a cake for. hmm.. i guess i will need to invent something so i can have a ttb cake!

Bel Jee said...

Thanks! The bears are now officially TeaRoom mascot, named TTBs :)


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