Saturday, January 26, 2008

Chocolate Moist Cake - Turning One Year Old

I've got an order from my best friend. It's for a little princess who's turning one year old today. That request, required skipping gym (hence I was not at Axis for BC last night). Hehe...

This is a very special order since it's my first number cake, and her first birthday cake.

Here's how:

The baked chocolate moist cake. This is by far my most perfect one as the cake has risen evenly. So I don't have to chop off the top to level out the cake - you do need it to be leveled.

Cut out the parts on a tracing paper first, this way you can plan where to cut and place it on the cake board to make sure all the parts fits nicely. Once cut (the cake I mean) there's no turning back!

You need 3 parts - a long bar and 2 shorter bars of equal length. Or whatever size so long as it looks like the number "1" when you assemble them.

First would be placing the longer bar of cake vertically on the cake board.

Then the base...

Cut a corner of the remaining bar. Make sure you cut the corner of the correct side. But... whoopss... of course I'd cut it wrong, that's how I'm able to warn you right? Haha...

Anyways, no worries if you do... just turn the cake around, I've the base of the cake facing up.

Glaze the cake and make sure the parts don't fall apart! Remedy any uneven surface. I think this cake will look really nice in coloured butter icing!

I think baby's cake should be colourful. So I piped some pink butter icing to trace the cake.

Daddy's request of course, how would baby manage to eat these? - chocolate coated strawberries.

Of course you can cover the whole cake with strawberries, but it's best not to overdo it. I've got other plans for the rest of the parts, so I've only covered the base of the cake with strawberries.

Happy birthday tag with some plastic balloons (supported by some butter icing because the chocolate cake is really soft). Doesn't this look more like a baby's cake now?

Since the cake is long but slim, there were loads of space on the cake board. So I'd arranged the cake offset from centre, so I can write the birthday greetings on the board, using butter icing. This way my cake won't be too crowded too. Like my writings? Heee...

I thought the board looked a bit bare, so added Garfield. It's a baby's cake after all right? What harm does it do with featuring some toys?

A different type of cake box, the normal ones will normally fit up to cake board of 12 or 13 inches only. Anyways, this cake box looks much nicer right?

And I found a really cool birthday card which I can't stop myself from buying. It's so customized. Sounds relaly like one from The Baker!

Happy birthday honey, may you be blessed with health, happiness and love forever!


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