Sunday, November 29, 2009

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Jewel Box

It's Lily's birthday and Jaah told me she's an LV bag collector. Since I've made a handbag the other day for the party Lily attended, I got to make a different one. At the end, decided on a jewel box because I wanted to try doing the gold zipper, and that leather handle looks very promising as well.

As for the zipper... there got to be better gadgets for it, cake decorators reading this, any tips please? Thanks...

I quite like making these leathery stuff haha...

Of course the real jewel case has handle that stands up more firmly, and there is a gap between the gold ring and that two parts of the handle. Decided of course not to take the risk, besides, I didn't really have time for fondant to dry and harden. Ohh, and the real jewel case is shorter but I didn't want to waste much cake, so didn't trim the cake to actual measurement.
I later heard that there will be a birthday dinner and they will be having the cake during then, so candle will be required. Wasn't sure what to make this time to hold the candle, so happened I had some mini cupcakes, so got one of them on the cake board to hold the candle.

Cake on decorated cake board covered with fondant and dotted with pearl balls. Got a bit crazy with photo shooting and took this on the background of black and also white. I like the black backgrounds one better actually.

A present from CS and me to Lily. Just got a text from her a while ago indicating that the cake cutting must have taken place already, so sweet.

Happy birthday Lily, may you stay healthy and pretty always.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Shiun Yan's Birthday

Which is coming Monday.

CS ordered this cake for Shiun Yan, actually Shiun Yan ordered the cake and then CS took over the order. Something like that... which should be that way right, can't be buying your own birthday cake for yourself. After brainstorming on the flavours (nearly made a chocolate cake) and decorations (which shall be the cake decorator's choice), here it is, the birthday cake in lychee custard sponge cake covered with fresh cream. The same cake Shiun Yan ordered the last time.

Had a piece of this cake at dinner and found that it's a bit yucky when the cake was a bit warm/ unchilled. Hopefully the remaining cake will taste better after some chilling.

I've got a new gadget from Cake Connection, the pearl balls, for my fountains of flowers. Not sure what colour to use, but I suppose the lady is okay with pink. I hope.

A little sugarpaste present to complete the decoration.

Happy birthday dear, may all your dreams come true :) and have many more great celebrations.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gooey Butter Cake

Crusty cheese top followed by fluffy butter cake and a bottom layer of gooey pudding like cake.

Sis has suggested that we reduce the fluffy cake layer and make this more gooey feel with the new proportion of cake vs gooey cake. Good idea!!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sis' PCMC visit

Sis had her first baby by Cesarean and was in the hospital for quite many days. She told us that the doctors and nurses there were excellent care takers. So on her visit to take out her stitches, she brought a few boxes of cupcakes to thank them.

And I nearly forget to post these pictures :p

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Chicken meat floss Swiss roll

A mix match of savoury chicken meat floss and sweet sponge cake. A fantastic result to almost all of my tasters so far.

Mum saw this sweet-savoury in the papers a few weeks ago and she has been hoping that I make this soon. She bought some chicken meat floss yesterday and so happened I am free this weekend without any orders to rush. So baking this has been one of my weekend de-stress therapies (I also baked a goey butter cake today).

The Swiss roll was baked with a coating of meat floss and toasted sesame. When it's baked, it's been rolled in with a layer of mayonnaise and more meat floss.

One of our aunties and a few of our cousins came to visit last night and this was just on time to be served. My other uncle took some back home for the kids and sis and bro in law had some for supper, one piece left for mum as of last night and they were all gone today. :)
Next round, let me try flavouring the mayonnaise to make this even more special.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Chocolate cupcakes and ladybirds

Pam ordered this for her friend's birthday. At first I thought she wanted the chocolate cake, luckily she asked about the quantity of cupcakes only then I realized she meant to order cupcakes. And I have been bugging her about having some other designs for the cupcakes after she mentioned she wants ladybird because I thought it's a cake. Otherwise, actually chocolate cupcakes and ladybirds are perfect match.

The birthday message... and the full box of cake.

And I've gone a bit crazy in taking pictures of these cupcakes so there are many many many... more pictures. :). Here are a few...

These are moist chocolate cakes with dark chocolate cream - dark chocolate and double cream.

Monday, November 16, 2009

I will be away from 16 - 18 November

Temporary time out on TeaRoom blog post :)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cars and Tyres

Fondant tyres - as posted on Facebook as quiz haha...

Janice ordered this box of cupcake for her boyfriend's birthday celebration. An very pretty Janice just dropped by to pick up this box of cupcake at Leisure Mall just now when I was there for a discussion with my web designer - yes, TeaRoom planning for a website :)

Now, looking at this picture, I realize that there's actually something missing on the tyres :p. Anyways, back to cupcakes... Janice requested for 8 car and tyre brand names, 4 car model logos, rim, tyres and a white car. We were discussing about the chances of the colour smudging the cupcake icing, so Janice thought of a dark colour base icing with white, yellow and pink icing. One thing I couldn't manage to do with icing was the BMW logo, ended up making it on fondant, AND out of the given colour scheme - had to introduce some blue onto the logo.

So here's the result...


The white car

There are butter cupcakes with butter icing with added chocolate flavoring. I am curious to know where that 7 candles (2 + 5) were fitted onto. :)

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Made this for a friend's birthday the other day to accompany his birthday present.

Friday, November 6, 2009


This was another order from Michelle. It is a relieve I'm sure to all bakers to receive repeat orders. :) This is for her brother who's turning 40. Originally, badminton, soccer and golf were discussed being the hobbies of the birthday boy. After some thoughts, badminton racket and shuttle cock would be great challenge if we want to create the see through on the racket wires, and feather on the shuttle cocks.

And so we settled for golf. The requests were golf bag, gloves, clubs, balls and a hole with the red flag. Here are the miniatures, which are slightly bigger since this box includes medium cupcakes as well instead of just the minis.

Did some indentation on the golf balls, but they are not very visible. Couldn't do much because if I indent too much, the balls don't turn out round enough...

The grassy look of the icing. Had a lot of fun making the "grass" but remembered that the turf should not be too bushy. Haha...

Beige colour cupcakes to represent the sand area of the golf course...

These are all chocolate cupcakes with butter icing.


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