Sunday, November 29, 2009

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Jewel Box

It's Lily's birthday and Jaah told me she's an LV bag collector. Since I've made a handbag the other day for the party Lily attended, I got to make a different one. At the end, decided on a jewel box because I wanted to try doing the gold zipper, and that leather handle looks very promising as well.

As for the zipper... there got to be better gadgets for it, cake decorators reading this, any tips please? Thanks...

I quite like making these leathery stuff haha...

Of course the real jewel case has handle that stands up more firmly, and there is a gap between the gold ring and that two parts of the handle. Decided of course not to take the risk, besides, I didn't really have time for fondant to dry and harden. Ohh, and the real jewel case is shorter but I didn't want to waste much cake, so didn't trim the cake to actual measurement.
I later heard that there will be a birthday dinner and they will be having the cake during then, so candle will be required. Wasn't sure what to make this time to hold the candle, so happened I had some mini cupcakes, so got one of them on the cake board to hold the candle.

Cake on decorated cake board covered with fondant and dotted with pearl balls. Got a bit crazy with photo shooting and took this on the background of black and also white. I like the black backgrounds one better actually.

A present from CS and me to Lily. Just got a text from her a while ago indicating that the cake cutting must have taken place already, so sweet.

Happy birthday Lily, may you stay healthy and pretty always.

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