Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Gooey Butter Cake

Crusty cheese top followed by fluffy butter cake and a bottom layer of gooey pudding like cake.

Sis has suggested that we reduce the fluffy cake layer and make this more gooey feel with the new proportion of cake vs gooey cake. Good idea!!


Kryptonite said...

I agree w yr sis's suggestion! the thought of yummy gooey part of the butter cake inspires me to complete a bodyjam AND a bodypump class back to back already! Need to book one of those yummy cakes from you for a taste!

keep up the yummy work,
faz :)

MasterChef said...

You will get addicted to this cake! It was gone within a day and only me and my mom was at home eating it. Gosh..i wished i can do 2 classes back to back but was told not to do any such exercise nor running for 2 months at least.

Bel Jee said...

Faz... thanks for the motivating message, i will sure work on making the stuff more yummy :)

Sis, another round of this cake soon... maybe have this as the full moon give away :)


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