Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cars and Tyres

Fondant tyres - as posted on Facebook as quiz haha...

Janice ordered this box of cupcake for her boyfriend's birthday celebration. An very pretty Janice just dropped by to pick up this box of cupcake at Leisure Mall just now when I was there for a discussion with my web designer - yes, TeaRoom planning for a website :)

Now, looking at this picture, I realize that there's actually something missing on the tyres :p. Anyways, back to cupcakes... Janice requested for 8 car and tyre brand names, 4 car model logos, rim, tyres and a white car. We were discussing about the chances of the colour smudging the cupcake icing, so Janice thought of a dark colour base icing with white, yellow and pink icing. One thing I couldn't manage to do with icing was the BMW logo, ended up making it on fondant, AND out of the given colour scheme - had to introduce some blue onto the logo.

So here's the result...


The white car

There are butter cupcakes with butter icing with added chocolate flavoring. I am curious to know where that 7 candles (2 + 5) were fitted onto. :)

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