Monday, July 19, 2010

Sugar Miu Miu Stiletto!

Jaah ordered this for his daughter's birthday. The discussion of the brand and design was later handed over to Izrin, and later I got an email from Ainura the birthday girl herself on the details.

Told Ainura that I will be more confident making her a strap-py one instead of peep toe or court shoes.

So here it is, the 4 inches high heel stiletto with 6 straps.

Besides wanting the shoe to be a Miu Miu in pink, actually, it's the heel that matters :)

"Diamond" (non-edible though) studded heels!

So when you turn your heels and walk away, you will REALLY leave an impression to the onlookers haha... So glam!

But what do we eat?

The shoe box was the cake. Made from 2 portions of moist chocolate cake sliced into 4 layers, filled with milk chocolate, the final layer has been made into the box cover.

The given birthday message

Happy sweet 16, Aunura!

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