Friday, July 30, 2010

Ironman RPM, 3 hours of body and mind endurance!

Last week I went for a 2 hour RPM (indoor cycling) Marathon class at the gym. No joke, it was really tough, but very satisfying once I finished the class. I also had a good gym buddy to ride with me that night and two great instructors with all very engaging song tracks. It was great workout and fun too! Totally loved it.

This week was supposed to be the "level up" of the RPM Marathon - Ironman! It's a 3 hour class. THREE HOUR of cycling. Geezz... a bit stretching my limits and besides, no good buddy so I passed.

Got a cupcake order from the instructors who are conducting the Summit branch class tonight. I'm feeling so proud that my little cuppie cakes will be greeting them tough riders at the end of the finishing line! :D

Based on experience, you do need a good pair of shoes so that your feet stay comfortable for prolong workout

Towel is a must, bring 2 in fact

As for water, bring 3 bottles! I finished 2 bottles the other day during the 2 hour class...

Everyone is the champion for completing the class :)

I got too engrossed with taking pictures of the "road" till I didn't take picture of the full box! I just realize now... So you just try to patch the picture above with the picture below with your imagination, and you will get the image of the full box :p

To you who had made it through the 3 hour Ironman - CONGRATS!!!

Now put up your feet and take a good rest, no going gym the next day k... :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks TTB! We made it! Members made it too! So proud of them! And guess what ? They so "sayang" to eat the lovely cuppies and asked "You sure can eat ar?".....then I started distributing and they makan!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....thanks TTB!


Bel Jee said...

Hooraayyyy!!! Everyone "alive" and managed to still eat after 3 hours of hardcore workout!

You take a good rest okay :)


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