Monday, July 26, 2010

Dulce De Leche Brownies

I had painstakingly made some dulce de leche (pronounced as dool-say-dee-leh-chey I think... ?) a few months back from "scratch", that was cooking fresh milk and sugar and reducing it to the consistency of caramel. If you think this sounds cool, DO NOT DO IT! Unless you have good supply of fresh milk, really fresh milk, not those store bought ones, because the taste of this "specially made" dulce de leche of mine tasted exactly like as though I'd used condensed milk. Humphhh... so, use condensed milk, it is less time consuming and less messy.

I thought I would make banoffee pies with the dulce de leche when I made them but have been really lazy! So when I saw a link through PY's FB page on dulce de leche cheesecake, I wanted to make some during my free Sunday this week, but when browsing through saw an even better link that suited my lazy mood nicely.

Brownies with ribbons, layers and dollops of dulce de leche. Brownies just have to be one of the most hassle free baking ever. This recipe uses melted chocolate and also cocoa powder. I've changed the recipe slightly and I think the next time I can make coffee infused dulce de leche for some "coffee caramel brownies". :)

The marble effect of the dulce de leche

PY said my brownies looked like it has been glazed. It's just the caramel at the top actually.

Too lazy to set up special photo shooting background, so here are a few pictures I took while having 2 pieces of the brownies myself (another one with coffee now) and quickly stored away the rest as they have all been allocated already for my volunteer tasters ^^

I have a sweet tooth and I love caramel, so I'd say MORE dulce de leche :)). But if you have a low sweet tolerance level, better stick to the recipe and perhaps put in some nuts as suggested, I believe that gives more texture and is able to make the brownies taste less sweet overall.


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